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Grilling on the Green: Tips For an Eco-Friendly Barbecue

Summertime is here and outdoor grilling season is open! Backyard barbecues with friends and family can be a great way to spend the warm summer evenings ahead. If you are one of many who are concerned about the environment, consider making your backyard barbecue green. It doesn’t take very much effort, and it will be comforting to know that you are doing your part in the quest to go green. Here are some tips to green your backyard barbecue:

Set an Environmentally Friendly Table

Make a difference by serving your delicious barbecue on reusable plates. Use regular reusable utensils instead of plastic. Consider using your regular everyday tablecloths and napkins, instead of paper products. If you find yourself hosting a large barbecue and don’t have enough utensils, dishes or napkins, use recycled products for your backyard table. Green utensils, dishes and napkins are composed of renewable materials that are made of corn and potato starches, as well as recycled materials. These are available in many of the larger stores that sell paper products and utensils for outdoor cooking. Additionally, avoid serving your beverages in plastic bottles or cans. Brew some delicious iced tea or lemonade in a reusable jug or a large reusable pitcher instead.

Buy Locally

Choose ingredients from local markets. The reasoning behind this is less fossil fuel emissions. By choosing local markets, the food will be transported over shorter distances and you will be supporting your regional economy. Additionally, consider using organic food for your menu. Organic or local grass-fed meats are the best options, environmentally speaking. Nutritionally speaking, they are considered to be the superior choice. Look for meats that are stamped as certified organic. For fish, choose wild caught salmon or farmed fish. Soy dogs or burgers may seem green, but only if they are certified organic. These items are certified organic when they do not contain genetically modified organisms. For dessert, go green by using locally made ice cream and grilled fruit.

Minding Your Mess

Make sure the guests have access to containers for their recyclable items. Toss your food scraps into the backyard compost. Your garden is sure to like that.

Repelling Pests Naturally

Use chemical-free repellents to avoid mosquitoes, black flies and other pests that can make your backyard barbecue unpleasant. Though natural alternatives may require more frequent application, they are a much better alternative than pesticides, which are harmful to both the environment and to people. Natural repellent creams are usually made of strong smelling oils, such as citronella or geranium. There are also natural repellent sprays made of the same oils, if you prefer those instead of creams.

Green Lighting

When the sun sets, and your barbecue guests wish to linger further into the balmy summer evening, consider using solar lights. Solar lighting is the best choice to keep your barbecue green.

There you have it. These tips should keep your barbecue green, and you will feel better about making an effort to do your part in protecting the environment.


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