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How to Choose a Luxury Bathtub

Bathtubs are the centrepiece to your bathroom, so when considering a new one, there are a lot of options, styles, materials and price ranges to choose from. First, decide what your bathroom’s “theme” is to help narrow down your selections of luxury bathtubs. Consider also your budget, how much space you have, and if you have any special purpose in mind for the bathtub other than using it to wash. Once you’ve made a short list of these specifics, you’re ready to start looking at some of the wonderful luxury bathtub styles and options available on the market.

Claw foot bathtub

If your house is decorated with antiques or in a classical, elegant style reminiscent of bygone days or specific time periods, a claw foot bathtub can be exactly what you need. Probably the most recognizable of bathtub designs, it has stood the test of time for a reason; the sloping basin and rounded edges of this tub make it exceptionally comfortable and beautiful. Made for those who love to soak in true luxury, a claw foot bathtub can be enjoyed sitting up or lying back with a favourite book while you relax. Most replicas are made out of acrylic, though some higher quality models use coated cast iron and porcelain for a more authentic feel; the latter are usually in the $1000 to $3000 price range.

Jacuzzi and whirlpool

For a more modern and sophisticated luxury tub, jacuzzi or whirlpool tubs are a great option. Like the name implies, these models replicate the experience of a hot tub, but on a smaller and more personal scale. After a hard day at work, there’s nothing like settling down in your own private whirlpool tub and letting the gentle jets of water and air massage away the tension. They can also be wonderful therapeutic bathtubs for those with chronic muscle or joint problems, and are just plain fun for everyone. Surprisingly affordable, jacuzzi tubs start at around $500 and are typically made of durable acrylic.

Japanese soaking tub

The Japanese soaking tub is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. because of its practical design and the wonderful luxury of a total full body soak. Some even use gentle jets of water that work in a quieter, subtler manner than whirlpool tubs. A Japanese soaking tub is essentially only a large basin, either set into the floor or free standing, made of acrylic or copper. For a good quality soaking tub, expect to look for products starting in the $3000 price range. These tubs take quite a lot of water to fill, but the experience of complete relaxation from being immersed in one is a truly unique and second to none experience.

Walk-in bathtubs

Finally, walk-in bathtubs offer a practical and convenient option for those who have trouble getting in and out of deep basin, more conventional tubs. With a small door on the side, you can simply step right into the tub, making it ideal for elders, children, people with disabilities or anyone who just loves the ease of not having the hassle of climbing over a tub wall to enjoy a comforting bath. Many come with great massage head and spray head options, too as an added accessory. A good quality walk-in tub will be in the $1000 and look for those made of durable acrylic rather than cheaper materials.


John Hahn is the owner of a Sydney based bathroom renovation company, Complete Bathroom Renovations, and he recently started writing about his professional experiences.

Bathtub Shown: Maax Viaggi Bathtub available at Canaroma

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