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How to Decorate Symmetric Spaces

The word “decorate” comes from a French word meaning “to beautify”. The desire to express one’s personal style and an abundance of design choices (products, services, readily available ‘how-to’ media) are some of the driving forces in today’s home design and decoration. Although beautiful, self-expressive homes are reflective of the home owner, interior designers are also contributing significantly to creating healthy, accessible and environmentally sensitive spaces, especially when one wants to create a particular look, in this case…home décor, epitomized by symmetry.

When decorating a room, there are many things to think about. Space planning, flooring, lighting, furniture and window treatments are just some concerns. How you incorporate all of the elements of décor into your decorating projects will determine if you have used these elements to your best advantage and have achieved the desired symmetrical effects.


Symmetric spaces are all about serenity, balance and harmony. You can enhance the level of serenity and balance in a décor scheme through careful selection and placement of furniture, lighting and accessories.

Symmetrical balance is usually found in traditional interiors. The key to a balanced room is to order it around a focal point, such as a window or a painting. You may want to centre a formal seating area around a favorite piece of art and select bold accessories that you place symmetrically on either side. By incorporating architectural details, like the strong lines of a large window, you can also accentuate a vertically symmetric theme. You can also add a heavy table to contrast the horizontally of the space. To soften the impact, add elegant glassware and lighting where possible. In essence…with symmetry, each side of a room is an exact mirror of the other. Because symmetry also reflects the human form, we are innately comfortable in this type of environment.

From Bedrooms to Bathrooms…Symmetry Reigns Supreme

In bedrooms and bathrooms, symmetry can be used effectively for its harmonious and calming effects. In the bedroom, try arranging cushions and pillows symmetrically on the bed along with two lamps on either side on matching bedside tables. Use large repeats of wallpaper to make a strong focal point in the room. For the bathroom, install carefully arranged ceramics on either side of your bathroom mirror as this arrangement will create a focal point.

The Science To Planning Your Wall Décor in Symmetric Spaces

Next to your furniture selections, choosing your wall accessories is the next most important choice you will need to make when designing your symmetric environment. Wall design selections are of paramount importance as they can make or break the overall look. All accessories should be compatible with your decorating scheme and descriptive of your interest, as well as fit into the overall scheme you are trying to achieve.

In essence, if you were to take a picture of the setting and fold it in half, the left half would be a mirror of the right half and your design would be symmetrical.

Text by Norma-Jean Alt

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