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How To Give Your Garden A Wow Factor

If you are someone who is invested in making sure that your garden catches the eye, there are a many ways to go about it. A garden is a personal thing, so you should make sure that everything in the garden, from the decorations to the plants that you put into it, reflects who you are as a person and a gardener. The truth o the matter is that it is far easier to get a fantastic garden than you might think. Just remember that a garden is an ongoing process, and it might take you several seasons before you get the garden that you have been pining for.

Water Feature

When you want to add light, life and motion to your garden all at once, consider putting in a water feature of some sort. There are plenty to choose from, and each one can make a dramatic contribution to your garden. For example, if you want to keep things small and simple, why not think about putting in a bird bath? On the other hand, if you want something significantly more dramatic, think about a koi pond, complete with floating plants, koi and a water fall. Water reflects light in a singular way, and this can give your garden a breathtaking quality.


Are you someone who is invested in doing your part for the environment? If you want to keep your garden green, and if you want to add the wow factor of butterflies to it, plant items that you know that butterflies will like. Australia plays host to a number of plants which will draw in the butterflies in droves, and this include options like daisies and lavender, as well as plants like bottlebrush, melalueca and buddleia. Butterflies are natural pollinators, and by giving them a place to enjoy their meals and to lay their eggs, you’ll find that you will be amply rewarded.

Garden Path

If your garden is fairly large or at least medium-sized, you’ll be able to take advantage of the ability to make a path. This requires a garden with a fair amount of vertical growth, but if you’ve got plants with the right height, you’ll find that the garden path is a perfect complement. You might want to make it a simple gravel path through your garden, or you might want a lovely and elegant stone-paved path. Send the path winding through your garden and put a small bench beside it so that you can sit and enjoy the nature around you.


If you want something truly striking, think about planting flowers that are all one colour. A garden full of nothing but yellow flowers or red flowers can create a wonderful impression on even the most stolid of observers. Chose flowers all different shades but with the same colour to create this amazing look.

If you want to make sure that your garden looks amazing this year, make sure that you consider how you are going to create the impression that you want.

Written by Jamie Z.

Jamie is a gardening enthusiast who loves to work with clients on their landscaping project ranging from designing herb garden to garden maintenance in Brisbane homes. His dad and his brother are both landscapers in Brisbane. Like most other Aussies, Jamie loves to spend his weekends in the backyard with his beautiful wife, three boys and a golden retriever.

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