Some of the first use of tiling walls such as mosaics can be traced as far back as the second half of the 3rd millennium, B.C., where they were installed in temples. Since then, tiles have been used as a material to decorate homes, churches, and buildings all around the world.

While it is easier and cheaper to paint your bathroom walls, there are homeowners that prefer the artistic beauty of tiled bathroom walls. There are a variety of patterns that can be used to emphasize room’s characteristics whether tiling your bathroom or kitchen. Tiling your walls are not as simple as tiling your floors obviously because you will be applying tiles to a vertical surface, making gravity an issue. Making sure your adhesive is strong enough so that the tiles will not fall off is essential to the project.

Tiling with large tiles is usually time-saving. The use of plain white rectangular tiles on the walls, with a single black center line, is subtle yet it accentuates the use of rectangular fixtures. Color is a matter of preference; however, it is wise to choose a color with an understanding of how it will work in a room. Light or neutral colors, such as beige and cream, make a space feel larger and brighten it up, while darker colors make a room seem smaller. Neutral colors will also compensate for the lack of natural light from a window. Shower tubs are also excellently suited to smaller bathrooms, allowing the homeowners to bathe luxuriously, or take a quick shower if they are short on time.

When tiling your walls, ensure that your walls are free of debris and that any holes in your walls have been filled. Using a silicone sealant between any spaces between your boards is very important to prevent moisture seepage.

There are many pros to tiling your bathroom wall. Tiling offers a wide range of colors and flexibility of design and the right kind of tile can be extremely durable, even in areas that are open to or exposed to a fair amount of water. Tile is also very easy to clean. With regular cleaning, even soap scum can be cleaned from tile and grout within the shower area. An occasional application of wax can repel water and grime during future usage.

So even with normal wear and tear, if properly taken care of, tile can last for years making one of the most popular options for homeowners seeking a remodeling project.

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