Anyone who hasn’t experienced the wonders of living with an outdoor kitchen is really missing out. These cooking spaces are especially convenient in warm climates where people want to spend most of their time outside, and in back yards that have a pool or anything else to make spending time outside even more enticing. They get even better when proper lighting extends their usefulness to nighttime outdoor cooking. LED lights such as outdoor kitchen bar LEDs are perfect for this type of lighting, and with the right LED lighting design they can take any outdoor space to the next level in functionality and enjoyment.

Outdoor kitchen lighting must do a few essential things to be worthwhile. Beyond providing enough functional light to make cooking and using the kitchen possible, it will probably also need to illuminate a nearby eating space. To ensure proper safety, it needs to deliver bright illumination to any of the special purpose cooking areas, especially the stove or grill, as well as the countertop where cutting and food preparation will happen. It should also be inexpensive to power, durable when confronted with various types of weather, and not attract too many bugs. LEDs such as outdoor kitchen bar lights, water proof LED strips, and waterproof LED wall washers offer all these features and work perfectly for outdoor kitchen and dining areas.

All LEDs are very energy efficient, which is the first reason why they work so well for outdoor kitchens. They can often be powered for hours using a portable, small output power source such as a rechargeable camping battery. They are also easy to install hardwired into the exterior electrical system and will be very expensive even if left on for hours. LEDs come in a range of different styles and light housings, which offer different strengths, installation types, and light volumes. This versatility combines well with their low energy consumption to make installing several LED lights, each with a specific purpose, reasonable without driving up the electricity bill. There are also several water-resistant and waterproof LED lighting models, which can deliver general purpose, specific task, and flood lighting.

This versatility makes it possible to implement the most effective outdoor kitchen lighting designs for less, and with a smaller environmental impact. The right brighter outdoor kitchen bar LED shining down onto the cooking surface from under a cabinet, combined with a few-all purpose floods installed in trees or on the side of the house to keep the eating area well lit, and some soft LED light strips and the outdoor kitchen will look great and be easy to use, no matter the time of day.



Davis Pembrooke is a Los Angeles based green technology construction expert who also works part time as a copywriter. He is currently under contract doing outreach for the Elemental LED REACH Program; an initiative to increase awareness of the environmental benefit of home LED Lighting.

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