87225HYou don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a landscape architect to add major impact to your garden. Here are some simple – and affordable – ways to pump up the wow factor.

Vines are very helpful – especially if the view of your backyard includes a chain link fence or the side of a shed or garage. Use colourful, fast-growing vines like Honeysuckle or Virginia Creeper. If you’re beautifying a wall, you’ll need a lattice, which you can buy in sheets at the hardware store.

Gardening advisors at Loblaw stores remind us that hanging baskets always look stunning on a porch or a veranda. Choose a bright basket like the popular PC Fortunia Star Lavender Hanging Basket (pictured) and have fun mixing colours and shapes. It’s an easy way to brighten up a deck, balcony or front porch.

The sound and motion of water gently falling from a fountain brings serenity to your garden – and it can look fantastic. Place a water feature in the corner of your patio or right in the garden bed, as long as it’s on a sturdy base.

Advisors also tell us to never underestimate the power of planters. Set them around the edge of your patio to separate the space from the yard or put them right in the garden. Fill them with tall ornamental grass for added privacy as well as visual interest.  For a designer touch, take a look when grocery shopping at the PC Deco Wall Hanging Planter.

Lighting adds so much to your garden. Aim a spotlight up the base of a tree into the branches for some real drama. Strings of white lights around bushes are a special touch – and you can even place them throughout topiary forms to emphasize the shapes.

Accessories are affordable and make a difference.  Add some instant character by setting up an antique-style bench padded with comfy cushions. Or hang a mesh hammock under some shady trees and drape it with a cozy fleece blanket.


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