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Trendy Gardens Are Adding a Lot of Colour This Year

87224HThere’s nothing like colour to bring life back to our outdoor spaces – and doing that with flair starts with imagination.

How do you envision the beauty of your property this summer, be it the patio, the deck, your terrace, or the entire backyard? Picturing it and making a plan is an important first step, so to help jump start this process, let’s consult a specialist on the topic. Peter Cantley, a gardening expert for the President’s Choice brand, has put together his list of the biggest gardening trends at the moment, bound to put you in the mood for your spades and trowels:

Bright Begonias: Nothing says summer like brilliant colours and again this year, gardeners are looking to have their outdoor spaces dazzle with different shades and hues.  Many have already dubbed 2016 “The Year of the Begonia” as this bright annual is winning fans across both Canada and the United States. It’s not just traditional begonias that people are talking about however. The newest varieties are loaded with colours and bred to enjoy the sun and shade.  They’re prefect to liven up any area of your garden.

Relax And Let The Plants Do The Work: Have you always wanted to start gardening but just can’t seem to keep your plants alive?  Fear not, more and more new gardeners are learning that you don’t have to spend hours a day to impress your backyard guests.  Try low maintenance annuals like PC Gigantico Selosia Dragon’s Breath to spice up your planters.  Or, if you love to garden but aren’t sure about plant arrangement, try pre-planted garden mixes.  It’ll take the guess work out of gardening but still result in planters and baskets that are perfectly colour coordinated.

Colour Me Green: Forget the white picket fence; the ever growing trend of backyard colour is moving beyond the garden and into backyard structures.  Fences and sheds are trending towards darker colours like navies, blacks and dark forest greens.  If you’re planning on doing some outdoor building, or giving the fence a quick coat of paint, think about these colours that are sure to give your outdoor space a modern feel.

Food Gardens: Lastly, a trend that’s becoming even more of a “movement” in the past few years is growing your own food. Whether its fresh herbs on the windowsill or planters and gardens filled with new and exciting varieties of exotic berries, growing our own food has never been more on trend. Planting edibles is an exciting opportunity to learn about new and different varieties of fruits and veggies so don’t be afraid to experiment this season.  Or for something truly unique, try the PC Ketchup and Fries, a unique tomato grafted onto a potato plant.  Who knew that you can grow tomatoes and potatoes on the same plant?  It’s just another exciting step in the world of gardening.

Small Spaces, Big Ideas: It’s no secret that urban Canadians are moving into smaller spaces.  Downtown condo buildings are on the rise and there’s no room for a backyard when you’re living on the 40th floor.  Amazingly, condo dwellers aren’t letting their high-rise spaces prevent them from enjoying beautiful potted plants.  Low-maintenance tropical plants and terrace-friendly succulents can make any condo or apartment balcony a delightful place to be.


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