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How To Stage My Kitchen


Staging a Small Kitchen

It is essential to make an objective evaluation of your kitchen before you put your property on the market, especially with a small space.
Ask yourself: Does it appeal to target buyers? Does it look fresh, new, current and move-in ready or does it need updating? Is it neutral in color and style? Does it feel spacious, bright, clean and well-maintained? Do the finishes and fixtures best portray the property lifestyle?

The goal should be to create a space that feels spacious and functional but also warm and inviting at the same time. This requires a balance of streamlining and emphasizing the space that is available. Decorative items should be kept simple, with a focus on quality over quantity. Simple place settings with layered bowls, plates and napkins are a good choice. Consider leaving aside cutlery and stemware for a simpler look. Beautiful lifestyle items you can use include olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, a single type of fruit in a bowl or vase and a touch of greenery to bring the outside in. Consider reflective items like mirrors or glass to help boost the light in the room without being busy.

Remove anything that could be perceived as clutter or would impede the flow of traffic. Runners, tea towels, soap dishes and cleaning products are a definite no. Less is more when staging a small kitchen. Working with the right professionals to guide you through the process will ensure you get it done right, the first time! – Karina Strachan, The Property Lifestylist

Kitchen Lighting Tips

Homeowners sometimes struggle with what lighting will best suit an open concept kitchen. In this new kitchen, the choice was made to keep it industrial with simple lines, as that best added to the overall style and location of the home. The contrast of the darker metal and the white cabinetry really makes the kitchen pop and that is very important when trying to win a buyer’s heart. Overall, it is a great win from a first impression standpoint. – Jill Turgeon, Simply Irresistible Interiors

Condo Kitchen Tips

With a small condo, the tendency is to turn the kitchen counter into an unconventional dining area in order to save space. This actually takes away from the appeal to a potential buyer. The key to resolving this issue lies in furniture selection. A round, clear glass table with chrome legs and two chairs, placed strategically to avoid disrupting the flow of the room, allows you to maintain the illusion of a large space while creating two functional spaces. – Ariel Fu, New Concept Home Staging and Redesign

Kitchen Cleaning Advice

Having your kitchen and bathroom professionally cleaned, detailed and organized gives the potential buyer a “fresh” and move-in-ready feel.
Here are some tips to ensure your kitchen and bath shows at its best.

PACK-UP, STORE AND CLEAN AWAY Pack up kitchen appliances and items you rarely use so your countertops, inside the cabinets and fridge look spacious and not over filled. Potential buyers will look.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL CLEANING COMPANY Detailed cleaning, packing and organizing helps.

FRAGRANCE The rooms should smell very neutral. It is best not to use scented cleaning products before showing the house. – Karolina Beccue

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