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Improve your Backyard with Organic Lawn Fertilizer

You’ve got the burgers, soda and chips, but your backyard is far from ready for your next garden party. But how can you transform your dead, brown grass and small patch of dirt into an inviting backyard oasis? Even if you don’t have a green thumb, organic lawn fertilizer can help.


So while you’re at your local home store buying charcoal to fire up the grill and citronella candles, make sure to buy products to prep your lawn for a busy summer.


Where to Start?

After a long winter your yard is no doubt far from tip-top shape. Raking away any dead leaves and disposing of branches and other debris should be first on your to-do list. Once you have the yard cleared, you can properly assess what your yard needs. If it’s mostly brown and patchy, organic lawn fertilizer can help.

The Perks of Organic Lawn Fertilizer
Unlike traditional fertilizers, organic lawn fertilizers can be applied at any time during the growing season without burning your lawn. They take effect in less than five days and can last up to eight weeks.


What Else?
You should fertilize your lawn about two-four times per season depending on the brand of fertilizer you choose. Watering is also key. Including rainfall, your grass should get about an inch of water a week to stay green.


When mowing, make sure you’re not taking too much off the top. Ease up on your lawn in the summer; in that heat it helps to keep it a little longer than the spring or fall. You can also try aerating in the spring or fall to allow air in the soil and break up material … the grass will grow better.


How About that Garden?

A lush backyard is nothing without an organic garden. Test the limits of your planting skills by introducing fruits, veggies and flowers into your landscape. The extra color and produce will be a welcome addition to your backyard. And planting organic seedlings is simple if you can follow directions and work with an expert.


Ask for help at your local lawn and garden center. Workers can point you in the directions of seedlings that were started without chemical fertilizers. You can continue growing the plants on this healthy path by following the simple directions they come with, including how far down to plant them in the soil, how much to water them and whether to plant them in the shade or the sun.


With a little help and knowhow, you can produce beautiful blooms, ample produce and a lush lawn to enjoy during your own backyard parties in plenty of time for this summer


This guest post brought to you by Stephanie Kalina-Metzger, who enjoys blogging about Gardening Organic and organic pest control, such as pantry pest traps.

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