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64793H(NC) – If, like many homeowners in Canada, you prefer to spend your winter indoors, hibernating from the cold weather, you may want to add some extra square footage to your home to avoid that overcrowded feeling.

“Building an extension, like a garage with extra living space on top, can help homeowners create additional space for the whole family,” says David Flood, insulation expert at Owens Corning. “Properly insulating this space will enhance the comfort of your home and can help minimize noise, too.”

Building an addition for extra space can create room for a number of different functions, used for an office, music studio, private living space for parents or just an extra living room for a growing family.  Properly insulating up to the recommended standard with PINK™ insulation batts, as well as QuietZone® insulation, will help keep this addition warm for visitors and family, and will even help prevent sounds of teenage musicians from drifting to the rest of the house.  And, by meeting the recommended standard, you will help save* on energy costs making your home more energy-efficient.

Keeping your family comfortable and happy this winter is easy with the right tools to complete the project.  Insulating with PINK™ FIBERGLAS® batts and QuietZone® insulation are easy to install and creates an energy efficient home.  How? By making your home more energy efficient to help reduce energy emissions and using sustainable products for your home addition that helps prevent waste from going to landfills.  PINK™ insulation products are made from over 70*** per cent recycled content, the highest in the industry.

Federal and provincial governments, as well as some energy utilities, offer funding for homeowners who complete energy-efficient renovations.

More information on grants and incentives can be found online at

More information about how to insulate is available at

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