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Meal Planning Made Easy

For busy parents, dinner time can be stressful and daunting – we want to feed our families a variety of delicious, wholesome meals during the week, but we’re often pressed for time.  On top of that, cooking for family members who have dietary restrictions – such as gluten intolerance – can prove to be an even bigger challenge. The solution? Simplify and plan your meal prep.

Try these tips that will not only save time, but also your sanity in the kitchen – especially for those cooking gluten free:

  1. Stock up your pantry stash: To help alleviate stress and keep things simple when you are in a time-pinch, ensure you always have your family’s go-to staples on hand. Popular, non-perishable food items such as tomato sauce, olive oil, dried herbs and spices, and frozen veggies (such as spinach or peas) are some key ingredients to help you whip up a healthy dinner the whole family will enjoy.
  2. Get inspired: Spend time each week looking for recipes that inspire you! This is especially helpful for those with dietary restrictions where it is easy (and boring) to recycle the same recipes over and over. Browse blogs, websites and cookbooks for recipes that look delicious – there are some amazing ones out there! From gluten free pasta to vegan chili, find ways to inspire your creativity and to look forward to cooking.
  3. Prep, mix, match: In addition to chopping your veggies and proteins at the beginning of the week – when meal planning, select ingredients that can be easily re-purposed for a variety of popular hot and cold meals throughout the week. For example, mushrooms can be tossed into a chopped salad on Monday, sautéed and paired with fish on Tuesday and cooked into a pasta sauce on Wednesday.
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