Outdoor Living

October/November Garden Calendar

Text by Nancy Johnston

October 3 – Pick mint leaves and hang to dry for homemade herbal tea.

October 5 – Cut grass. Clean and fill birdbaths.

October 6 – Harvest Indian corn and gourds for Thanksgiving display. Make

centerpiece for table.

October 7 – Harvest small cooking pumpkin for pies. Bake pies.

October 8 – Thanksgiving. Cook turkey and accompaniments and enjoy with


October 10 – Make potpourri using dried lavender.

October 13 – Plant garlic.

October 14 – Dig hole for shrub relocation. Move shrub from front garden to back


October 20 – Trim hedges and lower tree branches as required.

October 21 _ Turn and water compost.

October 24 _ Harvest remaining pumpkins.

October 27 – Gather corn stalks. Buy bale of hay for Halloween display.

Make scarecrow for display using newspaper, hay and old clothes.

Cover a balloon with tape and add straw. Pull old floppy hat well

down onto ‘head’.

October 28 – Carve pumpkins for Halloween display. Cut grass.

October 31 – Set up Halloween display.

November 3 – Spread bale of hay over vegetable garden and dig under.

November 5 – Remove submersible pond and fountain pump, check for

necessary maintenance requirements then store for the winter.

Remove debris from pond.

November 10 – Harvest underground vegetables, rutabagas, beets and carrots.

November 11 – Insulate greenhouse with bubble wrap.

November 13 – Hang birdfeeders and fill.

November 17 – Pick remaining apples. Put unblemished fruit in cold storage

room. Make applesauce with remainder and bottle.

November 18 – Move potted strawberry runners to cold frame. Prune grapevines.

November 21 – Take raspberry and current cuttings for propagation.

November 24 – Make wreath for front door.

November 25 – Harvest Brussels sprouts.

November 30 – Make raised bed for new spring asparagus patch.

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