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Curves are upon us! With comforting shapes and nubbly, cozy fabric finish, it’s like being enveloped in a big hug during a difficult time.

Wallpaper offers fresh prints, patterns and colors in wash and wear materials today. Whether you are looking for bolder patterns for accent walls or more texture to add warmth to a room, wallpaper is a key element to dress up plain walls.

Whether big or small, greenery and natural foliage is not just seen as décor in our homes – it’s the life blood of many spaces today. Add plants in macramé hangers or go big by filling a corner with a large palm leaf plant to add texture, warmth and a tropical vibe to ring in the new year.

For 2023, we’re going to be seeing more Art Deco style, brass fixtures and accessories, curvy furniture, velvet textures, terracotta, linen and green colors with black accents. We’re also going to be seeing more feature walls with oversized slabs of porcelain accented with warm fluted wood paneling. 

We’re seeing traditional style making a comeback but in a new way. Fresh plays on curves, patterns and textures are feeling sleek and luxe. 

After years of pandemic, we are all craving warm, comfortable homes, and that means warm, comfortable colors. Earthy reds, greens, pinks and blues are showing up just about everywhere, including sinks and toilets.

We have all heard that beige is the new gray. Goodbye white and gray marble. Hello beautifully beige travertine! This gorgeous statement stone is making a comeback. Use it in low traffic, high impact areas like wall paneling.

Kitchens are no longer just for cooking. People are using them for entertaining, working, and almost everything else. Several European companies have caught on to this trend and are designing kitchens to literally disappear. Beautifully crafted millwork doors retract into hidden pockets to reveal a sink and prep area. Countertops slide out to reveal cooktops underneath or create an extra surface for serving and slide back into place when the cooking and cleaning is done.

Euro-Line Appliances has spent over 25 years bringing elite European engineered appliances to Canadian homes, including the stunning SMEG automatic drip coffee machine. It is important that your first cup of coffee in the morning is just right. After all, a day is not right if your coffee isn’t! The automatic drip coffee machine produces a very clean brew with its built-in fine filter. The machine keeps the pot hot for up to 20 minutes once brewing ends. The best part is that you can autostart it so you wake up to a fresh pot of coffee, because who doesn’t love fresh coffee in the morning? You can match the machine with a SMEG toaster or kettle to keep the color scheme of your kitchen and let it flow nicely together.

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