No one likes having to worry about the impact their waste is having on their environment, especially at the cottage. Incinerating toilets are perfect both for water conservation and shoreline protection efforts. Incinerating toilets do not require the use of water and leave behind only ashes. The completely sterile process results in about a teacup of remnants per week based on a four person household. If you do need to use the toilet after someone else has the toilet incinerating, you can still go ahead and use it. As soon as the lid is lifted, the process is paused and will resume once you close the lid and press the button again. You don’t have to worry about the smell of burning waste as they are odorless. We use them daily at the shop and between the fan and catalyst, there is no smell inside or out that you would associate with burning waste.

– Incinerating Toilets,


Renovations and maintenance for a vacation property can be stressful. It is likely that you are not spending all your time here, you are less familiar with the local businesses and you don’t want to spend what time you do get at the cottage each summer overseeing construction. Building a solid relationship with a local, licensed and experienced contractor that can offer multiple services including renovations, builds, repairs, plumbing, electrical, and more will go a long way to bringing you peace of mind. Whether you want to add a fence, put in a dock, or need an emergency plumbing repair, you’re covered!

– New Beginnings Contracting Services,

No one wants the headache of mildew or rotting wood underneath their deck. The truth is that vinyl, composites and membranes are plastic and plastic has an end date.

What outlasts vinyl, membrane and composites? Aluminum! It is incredibly strong, tested to 1,000 pounds per square foot on 24 inch centers! At Craft-Bilt Materials, aluminum decking is finished with an embedded crumble powder coating that provides true non-skid performance. This formula is also waterproof which makes water damage a thing of the past. This style of decking works well and looks excellent over walkout basements and condos. It is a truly versatile product that can also be used for boats and docks. With little or no need for costly repair due to the elements, aluminum decking could be the last deck you ever have.

– Craft-Bilt Materials Ltd,


With many of us working from home, enjoying your backyard can now be a part of your everyday routine. One consideration for many when planning their outdoor space is privacy and convenience. The new SunLounge offers a solution to both! Available in a variety of sizes, each kit includes aluminum decking with acrylic wall panels that block the wind and provide privacy. The entire set up can be professionally installed in less than a day. It is so light weight that with the help of a few friends, you can pick it up and move it to any part of your yard, providing flexible outdoor living and privacy wherever you need it!

– Sunspace Sunrooms,

A vacant lot next to their home offered these homeowners the perfect place to expand their outdoor living space. The design for this space included a sports court for some friendly competition and at-home training along with an intimate space away from the main gathering area for late night fires and quiet moments for reflection. Each area is tied together with meandering pathways and zone hardy

– Year-Round Landscaping,

This beautiful lake front property in Belle River offers a stunning vision of Lake St Clair. With such a stunning view, the homeowners wanted to be able to extend their entertaining and dining space to the outdoors. In order to create a space that could be enjoyed at any time of day, two key concerns needed to be addressed: sun and wind.

Providing shade from the hot afternoon sun was difficult as most shade products could not withstand the gusts of wind that come off the water. After trying a number of solutions, this aluminum pergola offered the best possible solution. The pergola features a built-in release that allows it to withstand the gusts of wind. The adjustable panels provide shade where needed and protection from up to 98% of UV rays as well. This space is now ready to entertain, worry free!

– Shade Tree Canopies,

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