Pain Gone In Seconds – Suffering from pain is not fun, but pain relief drugs have so many adverse effects. I can help. With a few hair-thin acupuncture needles, I can relieve or  knock out your excruciating pain in 10 seconds with no medications whatsoever involved, and help you get permanent pain relief in 4-10 treatments, no matter where the pain is located – from your head to heels, shoulders to buttocks, neck to tailbone…

Pain Gone In Seconds

Is acupuncture really that good?

With my unique modality, YES. More accurately, it was that good in over 90% of the cases seen in my clinic. My “Pain gone within seconds” acupuncture will instantaneously kick-start your body’s own self-healing power, which can relieve your pain or other unpleasant sensations within seconds, purely naturally. Not just pains. Your anxiety, insomnia, gastric reflux, constipation, sinusitis, asthma, diabetes, post-stroke / chemotherapy sequelae, fibroids, lymphatic lumps, enlarged prostate… could thus be naturally alleviated or cured within 1 – 6 months of ongoing treatment.

Don’t believe  “pain gone within seconds”?

See me for a free trial to see how magical your body’s own self-healing power is, once evoked by my needles! Rest assured, in my clinic you are in good hands: trusted, friendly, experienced and science-based.

Curious about why the magic and why my acupuncture is unique? Visit my website or read my posts coming soon. 

Brook Cheng,  R. Ac., Ph. D.

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