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Phone Apps to Improve Your Home Security

It is now possible to improve your home security on a budget. Phone apps make it possible to view webcam recordings, control security cameras, access and control devices at your home, and more.

Viewing IP cameras

The IP camera viewer is a free app that enables the user to view IP cameras and webcam recordings from anywhere with the phone. You can check your home security camera remotely at any time, no matter your location. It is also possible to see how the weather is on the other side of the world with this app.

TrendyCam is another free app, developed to show your IP security camera recording on your Windows Phone 7 whenever you want. It is very easy to set up. All you have to do is set the profile for your IP security camera. The app supports portrait and landscape mode and one single camera profile. The pro version of the app supports as many as four camera profiles and a full screen landscape mode. It costs two dollars.

Controlling security cameras

Almost everyone has heard of the app It works with iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and more. This app lets you check the video feed of your security cameras and activate/deactivate your system from your phone. You can also see what has happened in the past few hours by means of the history option. You can control your security system from your holiday home, the train, the office, and more. You can search the history as far back as two months, see which doors and windows are open, and a whole lot more other things. The app is compatible with devices running Android OS 1.6 or later versions. The app also works with iPhone and iPod touch with OS 2.2.1 or later versions. It is compatible with Pearl, the BlackBerry Curve, and Bold. Finally, you do not even have to own a Smartphone to use You can use any phone with a web browser by signing into the website.

Accessing devices in your home is not the only security app out there, though. One great option is Home Automation. It costs $19.99, but is well worth paying for. The application will link to your home automation system from anywhere, and all you need is a basic internet connection. You can access any device in your home, turn on the lights when you are driving home, close your garage door remotely with your phone if you forgot, dim your lights remotely when watching a movie, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Another such application is InControl, which is a free app for Windows Phone 7. It incorporates HomeSeer 2.0 and Windows Phone 7 plug-ins that work together to offer an interactive interface in real time. This interface is graphical and very easy to use with the purpose of controlling and monitoring any and all HomeSeer devices, no matter their location.

BigScreen is another remote access app for Windows Phone 7, which costs five dollars. It features remote access to one or several Microsoft Windows 7 Media Center computers from your phone via a wireless or 3G connection.

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