This Commercial Appliance Repair Guide helps you with a broken refrigerator that can spell for disaster for any kitchen. To solve this, you’ll need to diagnose the most common commercial appliance repair problems and make a plan to solve them. And in this guide, we’ll show you how.


Your refrigerator compressor keeps your food cool. However, if it’s not operating properly, the unit won’t be able to cool the food and protect it from germs. On average, you should clean your compressor once every 90 days.

Hair, grease, and dirt will build upon the compressor and keep it working. Verify that the compressor is regularly cleaned and is working as well as it should. A compressor that runs hot will prevent your refrigerator from getting cold. 

Lighting Issues

In this commercial appliance repair guide sometimes it can be a minor issue, such as the lights turning off or not operating properly. If this is the problem, you should inspect the lighting and replace them immediately. Make sure that the bulb is verified by the equipment’s manufacturing, or you will run the risk of burning out the light’s electrical sockets.

Always read the manufacturer’s manual that comes with the appliance to make sure that you have the right repair options. 

Power Issues

Do you need commercial appliance repair for your refrigerator? Is it unable to power up? Is your bottle fridge unable to cool? In the commercial industry, quick repair of broken appliances is paramount.

While you don’t need to hire a commercial appliance repair company to perform residential service or repair to your unit.

First, make sure that your commercial unit doesn’t have a power switch that turns off. Check to see if the cord has been plugged inside the outlet, as it might have been knocked out of place. If it’s still not working, check the ground and outlet wires that are active.

Alternatively, the power supply could be a problem. Get a voltage detector to see if the outlet has its voltage present.

Remember: Manufacturers will warn users not to use extension cords for their refrigerators, as using these cords will void the warranty.

Commercial Appliance Temperature Problems

First, examine the appliance. Is it installed directly against a wall? Your commercial appliance needs to be placed a few feet away from the wall. This helps it circulate air properly and cool your food.

Commercial refrigerators are designed to withstand thousands of opening and closing operations. However, constant abuse can damage the gasket. The refrigerator should seal completely and close properly so the unit can perform the right cooling processes.

Sometimes the temperature control gauge is broken or providing inaccurate readings. In this case, manufacturers have made it easy to replace the temperature gauge. The temperature gauge could also have a blocked vent. Use a thermometer to check the temperature to ensure that it’s working.

Appliance failure is bound to happen. However, with a bit of DIY work or professional assistance, you can solve most commercial appliance repair problems quickly. By fixing your commercial appliances, your business can continue to operate and serve your customers.

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