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Rub a Dub – Scrub a Tub

Text by P. Gerbrandt

Water’s soothing effects are widely recognized, and the growing popularity of home hot tubs and jetted bathtubs gives evidence to our reliance upon such fixtures to help banish the tensions of our work-a-day world. After strenuous exercise or vigorous gardening, aches and pains can be eased by soaking in a jetted tub or by relaxing in the larger hot tub. But, as with all other appliances and conveniences, regular maintenance and proper care go a long way to ensuring that our investment will function satisfactorily.

We know that our shower stalls and ordinary bathtubs need regular, thorough cleaning. Soap scum and mildew, dirt and the accumulation of body oils and sloughed off skin cells which, though sometimes unseen, combine to call for effective scrubbing. Those same miniscule deposits, with the addition of system residue from plumbing pipes, pumps and circulation systems are not beneficial to jetted tubs.

People living in hard water areas, particularly where rust serves as a relentless reminder of that scourge, need all the help they can get to combat the mineral deposits. Even with the use of water softeners and rust-inhibitors, there is need for vigilance.

Failure to clean these fixtures effectively restricts the flow of both air and water, and can lead to pump burn out. The resulting cost and annoyance can translate to more stress.

Seeing the orangey tinge on recessed areas of the jets, despite my attempts to eradicate the traces of rust, made me cringe to think what might lurk in hidden recesses. The thought was anything but soothing. As a regular user of IronOut, I began to wonder if that product might be helpful to purge the inner workings of the soaker tub.

I decided to do a little research before experimenting. A web search quickly located the manufacturer’s home page, and within a very short time I had a response to my question. Do not use IronOut in jetted tubs or hot tubs!

Fortunately, Summit Brands, the manufacturer of IronOut also markets a product specifically formulated for our wonderful jetted tubs.

WhirlOut is readily available from plumbing and building supply centres at a reasonable price. It can safely be used on fiberglass, acrylic and enamel surfaces and will not damage chrome. Regular use even prevents buildup of those nasty gremlins that, united in resistance, appear as stains.

Using WhirlOut with warm water boosts its effectiveness. It’s a good idea to use this product after each use or if your spa or tub has been inactive for a while. Clearly stated on the package is the warning that WhirlOut is not to be used while bathing.

However, after you’ve used your tub, clean it. Make sure the water level is at least two inches above the suction intake and the highest jet. If your unit has an adjustable air and volume control, choose the medium setting.

For your whirlpool or jetted tub:
-after use, and before draining the tub, turn on the circulation pump
-add 4 capfuls of WhirlOut near the suction intake
-allow water to circulate for 3-4 minutes
-drain tub, then refill and circulate another minute to rinse
-drain tub
Repeat as necessary.

If you want to clean your hot tub or spa:
-use WhirlOut only before draining unit
-follow instructions above, but use the entire 1.5 lb. (680 g) container, and set circulation timer for 10 minutes

The pump, pipes and surfaces of your whirlpool, spa, jetted tub or hot tub will be clean.

Best of all, WhirlOut requires no scrubbing. Now, that’s a stress buster!

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