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Since 1991, Grants International has saved thousands of Canadian families and businesses over $75,000,000; in fact they specialize in employment insurance refunds and they know the laws and bureaucracies inside and out. All Canadians wish to save money and are frustrated when they learn that they are paying into a program only to find out that they do not qualify. According to Darren Earn President and CEO of Grants International, “If you work for or employ your family, you may be needlessly paying thousands of dollars in EI premiums. Just because you pay for insurance doesn’t mean you’ll be eligible for benefits. That’s because the law says related employees are not insurable. Grants International has helped family businesses save thousands of dollars with refunds of EI premiums paid, and ensuring they don’t pay future EI premiums.”

People tend to find out that they do not qualify for EI at the worst possible time, which is after they have lost their jobs and are hoping to collect EI. Grants International implores the public not to wait until a family member is unemployed but instead to find out the facts and save themselves a lot of money.

Did you know that the following list of people is excluded from collecting EI? Sons/daughters, wives/husbands, mothers/fathers, brothers/sisters (including common-law partners and all grand, in-law and step relations).

Did you know that you can go back three years plus the current year to get back money that you have already paid into EI? You can save yourself a lot of money if you take some time to find out if you qualify for a refund.

Did you know that if a single owner or group of related family members has control of more that 50% of the voting shares of the business, they are not eligible to collect EI?

Grants International is a company with a track record of helping thousands of families across Canada recover costs that could otherwise be lost. In fact you could be eligible to receive nearly $8,000 per family member.

Darren Earn wants to reassure families that the process of applying for a refund is easy and takes approximately one hour over the course of 9 months.

  1. Individual receives an information package.
  2.  The applicant reviews the forms and signs the service agreement. After applicant reviews and signs forms, Grants International prepares the forms.
  3. Grants International phones and prepares the applicant to help him or her understand the process.
  4. Government personnel phone and interview the applicant.
  5. Recovery of funds. Grants International receives no payment until refund is complete. In fact their motto is, “Our guarantee to you…if you don’t save, you don’t pay!

Knowledge is power and through years of experience it is absolutely amazing how much money a person can save if only they would have had the right information at the right time. Sounds like a win, win situation.

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