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Show your feathered friends some warmth this winter

(NC)—Not everyone heads south for the winter. From song birds like chickadees to birds of prey like eagles, from water birds like loons to game birds like partridges, scores of bird varieties stay home in Canada during winter months. And while it’s unlikely you’ll attract an eagle to your backyard bird feeder—just as well—you can bring colour to your backyard and important nutrition to birds by feeding them when other food sources are scarce. With limited food sources available during the winter, many birds depend on outdoor bird feeders.

Canadians who feed birds consistently throughout the winter months provide reliable nutrition and a new home. Keep wild birds healthy this winter by using a winter-specific seed blend, such as Scotts Fall/Winter Blend, which contains milo, sunflower seeds and peanuts, to supply birds’ nutritional needs in the cold weather.

“We are thrilled to have developed our line of Scotts Bird Food in conjunction with experts at the Toronto Zoo to help attract and feed Canadian wild birds,” says Syd Pell, category manager with Scotts Canada. “Bird feeding is one of Canada’s most popular pastimes, with 43 per cent of Canadian households feeding wild birds in their backyards. More than half of those households feed throughout the year.”

Keep your feathered friends coming back for more by adding variety to their diet. There is now a lot more to bird food than just blends of seed. The Scotts line includes suets, seed bells and snack bars – made from ingredients such as peanuts, berries and tallow – to keep birds happy and well-fed. Whether you’re an authority on birds, want to learn more, or just enjoy watching them, bird feeding is an easy, affordable and rewarding way to add natural beauty to your winter garden.



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