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Don’t let insects hibernate in your home

(NC)—Very soon, insects of many species will be looking for refuge from the deep freeze too. Right now in early fall is the time to prevent them from creeping in to hide in your home.

In between the windowpane and screen, under baseboards and behind the kitchen stove are attractive safe havens—and if ignored, one day in spring they’ll awaken, lay their eggs and you’ll all become one big happy family.

“Some pesticides give us ‘perimeter’ protection to keep unwanted insects from crossing at common points-of-entry into the home,” says Natalie Jones at Scotts, a leading name in lawn and garden products. “For example, a barrier spray like Ortho Home Defense Max provides protection indoors and out. Simply spray along doorframes and around the windows, exhaust vents and in the cracks the house foundation. Indoors, apply a band under carpets, around baseboards, at the back of windowsills and under appliances.”

Minimize your ‘bug appeal’ before winter with a few more tips from Scotts:

• Tie up and properly stow any loose garbage around your home.

• Wash down spills of food and garbage.

• Repair holes in windows and door screens.

• Seal cracks or holes on the brickwork and foundation.

• Eliminate damp conditions, especially in the basement.

• Be aware that stacked firewood, newspapers and boxes are a safe hiding place for a variety of pests, from insects to rats.

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