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Simply Stunning DIY Umbrella Wreath

umbrella wreath

Materials Required

  • Colourful and/or Patterned Decorative Umbrella
  • Various Faux Flowers and Greenery
  • Decorative Ribbon / Bow
  • Basic Packing paper
  • Hardware of your choice to hang


1. Insert some rolled up packing paper into the bottom half of a closed umbrella to give the umbrella a more full shape.


2. Create a large bow using a decorative ribbon and tie about halfway up the umbrella.

3. Separate some of the ribs of the umbrella to form a shallow pocket creating a vessel to hold flowers.


4. Select an assortment of faux flowers and greenery of your choice. Insert and arrange the assortment into the shallow pockets of the umbrella.

5. Hang the umbrella on a door at an angle if desired and primp the arrangement for the best effect.

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