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Stress: Renovating Your Home & Your Mind

Stress happens! It’s a part of everyday life for virtually everyone, in varying forms and levels. Home renovations will undoubtedly increase stress levels, no matter how prepared you are. The stress we experience, renovating or not, can work for or against us. It’s up to us to learn how to manage our stress so it doesn’t control us and take a toll on our relationships and health.

Our bodies will react innately to protect us in time of short term stress, like adrenaline surging in a life threatening situation. This is a good thing! Chronic stress that affects your quality of life is more concerning as it contributes to a host of potential health and lifestyle issues. The good news is that there are lots of simple ways to bring more calm and ease into our lives! Start with a nutritious diet, stay hydrated, do thirty minutes of activity daily and get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Incorporate the following stress busting tips to keep your cool no matter what is happening around you.

MAKE A PLAN but expect the unexpected. When issues arise, focus on solutions instead of dwelling on the problem.

KEEP A ROUTINE Having reliable constants in your life is comforting to your nervous system. Some examples include: morning coffee with your spouse or friend, a daily workout, a sit down meal with family, bedtime meditation etc.

KNOW YOUR LIMIT Self awareness is key. Step away from a situation if you need to “diffuse your fuse.” No regrets and no added stress!

BREATHE Deep slow breathing sends our body the message to relax. Reduce tension by inhaling for the count of 4, holding your breath for the count of 7, and exhaling slowly for the count of 8. This easy and free tool works like a magic reset button!

MINDSET MANTRAS Focus on the positive and create some phrases that can carry you through times of stress. Repeat as necessary! “I look forward to relaxing in my beautiful new space” or “I’m going to create delicious meals in my amazing new kitchen.”

Stress is a part of life but should not be a way of life. Train your brain to focus on solutions and positivity to bring more calm and ease your every day stress. Your body and brain will thank you! Happy renovating! – Ingrid Jamault,

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