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A One-Day Bathroom Makeover Even You Can Do

The most serene and relaxing spas are inspired by nature. Bring that feeling into your own bathroom in a day, or even less! Award-winning interior decorator Laura Stein offers four simple steps to bring nature indoors to create the ultimate spa-inspired bathroom.

Keep it natural

Add elements to the bathroom that encourage relaxation. Begin by forming a colour palette from sand and sea and incorporating natural elements like warm woods and stone. Cut flowers keep the room feeling fresh and add a pop of colour. Switch out your hand towels to match your favourite flower for a quick and inexpensive colour makeover.

Update the details

Adding new accessories to the bathroom is an easy way to quickly update the space. Changing the shower curtain style can instantly provide a bathroom improvement, while adding bamboo stalks in a corner can add height. For spa-inspired elegance, fill the bottom of a vase or glass jar with small stones and place a soy-based candle inside.

Freshen up

A consistently clean bathroom takes work, but the right cleaning product can make cleanup quick and easy. Keep your bathroom sparkling like new with Vim PowerPro Naturals Bathroom cleaner, made with 98 per cent naturally-derived ingredients.

Get organized

Styling, cleaning and personal hygiene products can use up a large amount of storage space. Banish clutter from bathroom drawers and cabinetry by introducing stainless steel containers and bins. Keep products separated by their use to fully optimize storage and to ensure you can easily locate everything you need.


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  • this is what CBC’s Market PLace has to say about your so called enviromental product Vim. I believe you have been Green Washed girl!

    5. Vim PowerPro Naturals

    The label on Vim PowerPro Naturals bathroom cleaner says 98 per cent natural ingredients. But as Vasil notes, “The word natural is totally unregulated.”

    Since companies aren’t required to list ingredients for cleaning products on the back, Unilever has decided not to post them — or reveal them even when asked. “Unilever does not disclose specified ingredients information. However, if it’s a medical necessity for this information, Unilever would be more than happy to work with your physician,” a customer service agent said when Marketplace called them.

    Marketplace commissioned a test on the product. Like many cleaning products, it largely contained water. When water was eliminated, one-quarter of the product was found to be petroleum-based chemicals. Unilever stated, “Our ‘naturally derived’ claim is based on all the ingredients in the product, including … water.”