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Things To Consider When Consulting With An Interior Designer

The first appointment with an interior designer should last up to two hours or more so that you can both go over the details. The designer should be able to get an idea of what your vision for the outcome is and you should be able to decide whether this is the person for your important project. You should give the designer a tour of the place, going over every aspect of the project.


The Communication

You should be working with someone that knows and appreciates your colorful and happy universe so it was an advantage for your exchanges and communication. During the meeting, your designer should be able to give you lots of ideas, making the initial meeting super enriching and allowing you to open your field of possibilities!

The Space

The designer should take the measurements of the home or apartment to make you a suitable proposal. Usually, you have to wait about ten days before getting a return in the form of a PDF file. This would entail a presentation including 3D plans, shopping selections and mood boards come together to form a compilation of inspiration. In the PDF presentation, there should be at least two proposals per room.

The Presentation

Once you look over the presentation, it is now time to talk about the budget and material. Depending on the scope of the project, you may have to scale back. You may have more than one option to consider. However, make sure that you are the one that makes the final decision. For example, if you want to choose a modular layout and your budget may not allow you to do everything possible to get it the perfect way, make concessions. However, be sure that you get most of what you want.


To avoid small frustrations if you work with interior designers, because it can be a costly service, here are some recommendations:

  • Get Inspired! Create a Pinterest account, create boards for each room, pin your favorite decoration inspirations and show them off! This will allow the interior designer you are working with to target your tastes quickly.
  • Get Straight to the Point! Do not hesitate to clearly explain your expectations, your needs, your questions, and the particularities of your home sweet home. For example, if you want, ask for layout proposals to optimize the space that you are interested in opening up.
  • Prepare a List of Questions! Before the first appointment, go around the house or apartment, room by room, and list all your questions to be able to discuss verbally with the interior designer. It can be as simple as “How to hide the counter or Is it viable to change the cupboards?”
  • Determine a Maximum Workable Budget! 3D allows you to see things the way they will look, but we do not always realize the cost that different proposals may represent. In order not to have false hopes, it is essential to make a budget before the intervention of the interior designer so that he can make proposals in line with your piggy bank.
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  • The project process is unique to each designer / design firm. This is certainly a guideline, but really each designer needs to educate the client on how they work specifically and what their turnaround time on project deliverables is like, as it will change based on the scope and level of complexity. Our projects, which involve high end, highly customized renovations, easily take 3-6 months to plan, price and present.