Enjoy your gorgeous firepit all year long with these winter ready tips from Iron Embers!

  • Keep some wood in the firepit under the tarp so it stays dry and can easily be started at any time. Keep the rest in your shed or garage when not in use.
  • When the fire is going, keep the wood close by stacked or in a log holder, this way you don’t have far to go to stoke your fire. 
  • Make sure that you are using dry wood to keep the smoke minimal. 
  • Store the chairs in a garage/shed to keep them dry/unfrozen.
  • Have a big fire to feel more radiant heat during the colder winter days/nights. 
  • Clear the area around your fire pit of snow to prevent it from melting during the fire and forming ice after it is out.
  • Move your fire pit into a more sheltered area out of the cold winter wind. 
  • Bring out some campfire blankets to the fire to help you take full advantage of the fire pit’s heat. 
  • Bring out hot beverages to keep you hands warm (Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, whatever your preference is). 
  • Cook soup/stew over the fire. 
A custom cover for your firepit allows you to keep it dry and easy to access all winter long!

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