Reducing Energy Costs Tips. If you’re planning renovations, now is the time to take steps to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible! Here are some options to consider:

A SMART WI-FI THERMOSTAT enables you to easily monitor and control your energy usage, alerts you to potential furnace maintenance issues and also increases the value of your home.

NEWER HIGH-EFFICIENCY FURNACES AND BOILERS are designed to use energy more efficiently. It’s important to note that a bigger furnace isn’t necessarily more efficient. When buying a new furnace, you should always consult a trustworthy heating contractor to help you choose the right size of unit.

IF THE HEATED AIR CAN’T REACH its destination, the potential cost-savings of an energy-efficient heating system are significantly lower. Sealing air ducts properly helps to prevent this.

WALLS CAN ACCOUNT FOR 20% of a home’s heat loss, even before you count air leakage through cracks and gaps. Replacing outdated, ineffective insulation is a necessity when it comes to keeping heating costs low. Newer types of insulation have the added benefit of being less toxic.

WINDOWS (AND SKYLIGHTS) can account for a whopping 30% of the home’s overall energy loss. Another reducing energy costs tips if you have older windows, replace them with energy efficient windows that are properly rated for your climate zone. You can also help reduce heat loss with thick, energy-efficient window treatments that act as an extra layer of insulation.

HIGH EFFICIENCY MULTISTAGE AIR CONDITIONERS are designed not only to be more energy efficient, but also provide a broader range of comfort under extreme conditions. – Michael Grochmal, Atlas Care,

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