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Tips from the Pros Fall 2021


Creating a Reno Budget

There is not a single reason to go a penny over budget if you set your budget ahead of time and build a plan that’s going to fit within that budget, accounting for 25-35 percent contingency for things you can’t anticipate.

There are two things that cause people to go over budget. The first is not having a detailed plan. If you’re guessing on how much you might spend on flooring but haven’t actually picked the flooring you want, it might not add up they way you planned. The second is making additions to the renovation over time and making changes, such as upgrading materials, which end up costing more and eating into your contingency.

If you take the time to create a solid budget, plan your design details in advance and enter the project determined to prioritize what needs to be done over cosmetics, you should know exactly what your renovation is going to cost the day you start – or even before! – Bryan Baeumler, Island of Bryan, HGTV

Customizing Your IKEA Kitchen

Cost and timeline often cause homeowners to shy away from tailormade cabinetry, but personalization is what really makes a home feel like your own.

The perfect solution is to start with an affordable base like IKEA’s SEKTION cabinets. Then, create a unique space by customizing the fronts and hardware to match your desired style. With Kitch, you can mix and match a wide variety of styles and finishes for your IKEA cabinets to create the perfect, unique design for your home. – Andrew Hibbs, CEO, Kitch Inc.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Health

The term Cosmetic Dentistry is a little misleading because a number of the procedures referred to as cosmetic dentistry are not strictly for cosmetic purposes. There are a number of health benefits that can come from cosmetic dental procedures. A fixed bridge, for example, may be used to correct a bite problem rather than just repairing stained or chipped teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can have both health and psychological benefits because when you look good, you feel good too. It’s been medically proven that smiling can improve your health and help fight disease.

A great smile is an important part of your health and contributes to your overall happiness. – Dr. Ed Lowe, Dentist, The Lowe Centre

Real Estate Auctions

Buying or selling real estate at an auction is the most pragmatic and transparent way to sell a property, according to Bruce Brady, an industry expert. The money and time spent on MLS and showings will only generate offers according to what buyers are willing to pay. The auction system is more transparent. Everyone knows exactly what the offers are and you can see the other buyers standing right next to you! That is why auctions are catching on. In Australia, for example, they buy and sell real estate primarily using the auction system. There are a couple ways to approach an auction sale including an MLS assisted sale or straight auction without MLS. Having the right team to aide you through the process helps to ensure your house gets the exposure needed so you can spend less time worrying about selling and more time doing what you love. – Bruce Brady, Realtor, Bruce Brady Real Estate

Storing Unique Jewelry

If you like to “shop local” then you must like things that are different but unique jewelry can be more challenging to keep clean and to store properly. When the different metals in your jewelry touch, the reaction can cause pieces to change color and stop looking their best. You don’t need anything fancy to solve this problem! We recommend a plastic tackle box to keep each piece of jewelry separate! – Sarah Dougall, Jeweler, Made You Look

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