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2022 Colour Of The Year Review: Evergreen Fog

Every fall paint manufacturers introduce new trending colours for the upcoming year. And this year is no different. Sherwin-Williams just announced that their 2022 Colour of the Year is Evergreen Fog, a warm sage green colour with a grey undertone.

This is in keeping with patterns we’ve seen over the last couple of years, where colours have been trending more toward nature-inspired warm tones. It’s not surprising – given all the extra time we’ve been spending at home – that we are all craving colours which lift our spirits by bringing the outdoors in, and yet also feel like a warm hug.

Sherwin-Williams also provided a few additional colours that will pair well with Evergreen Fog. All are warm rich tones with a bit of a retro feel.

evergreen fog

Colours That Sell

Will Evergreen Fog work for you? It depends. When preparing to sell, it is best to stay as bright and neutral as possible with paint choices. Keeping to a bright neutral tone will make your home look more spacious and open. And, as the objective is to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, staying neutral helps you avoid turning people off by picking a strong colour they dislike. Though paint is an easy thing to change, many people still hate the idea of doing it, and if done professionally, it is an investment that some buyers will want to avoid.

Having said this, we can still incorporate Evergreen Fog into your decor even if you are planning to sell. The trick is to use it in smaller doses that can add character and charm to the house. First, I would paint most of the house in Shoji White, which already pairs well with Evergreen Fog. I’ve used Shoji White often and clients have loved it. Then I would use Evergreen Fog in a powder room with some gold fixtures and a new vanity light. Talk about WOW. Small space, but mighty style.

Another area where you can add evergreen is on an accent wall to highlight a focal point such as a wall with a fireplace feature or an accent wall in the primary bedroom (ideally the wall where the headboard sits). The contrast with a lighter shade can actually make the wall appear to recede and therefore make the room look larger.

evergreen fog

Colour To Live

If you don’t have any plans to move in the near future, then you can add as much colour as your heart desires. Just remember that paint tends to have approximately 3-5 years of life before it starts to age and become dull looking. Make sure that whatever colour you pick is one you are willing to live with for that period of time. And always buy a small sample pot or stick-on colour swatch so you can see what the colour looks like in your room under various light conditions.

Take a look at the whole palette Sherwin Williams has introduced alongside Evergreen Fog, and you will see you can do so much with it. You could paint an entire room Evergreen Fog and add accents and accessories with the complimentary colours. With this being the fall season, adding plants, accent cushions and other décor in the colours Uber Umber, Woven Wicker and Bakelite Gold would be beautiful.

Urbane Bronze was the colour of the year a few years ago and is a deep rich colour. When using it, either as an accent or for a dramatic look in an entire room, be sure to have multiple sources of lighting to ensure that the room will not be too dark. Adding a dimmer will give you the option to change the lighting as needed.

Looking beyond your interior, Evergreen Fog will make a beautiful outdoor colour as well. If you have sidings that need freshening this may be just the colour to add curb appeal. Just be sure to let your paint supplier know that it is exterior paint that you need.

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