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Tips to make your current residence home-sweet-home

(NC)—Are you planning on moving or staying in your current home? According to recent research from Consumer Reports, more homeowners are staying put, but remodeling with the idea of improving their quality of life and adding more ‘live in value’.

Following are a few projects, so you don’t have to move to get the home of your dreams.

Ooh La La Kitchen

Today’s kitchens are no longer a place to simply cook and eat, it’s the real “living” room—for living, working and entertaining—and the ideal room to improve for added enjoyment.

One kitchen project to improve your home and ‘live in value’ is installing a multi-level kitchen island. Not only does this provide an extra work area, but also an informal place for entertaining guests.

Tying the overall look of the kitchen together will also help to make a style statement. Upgrading to stainless steel appliances is a common choice, especially with the latest technologies—such as built-in flat screen televisions on refrigerators—all with a beautiful high-end finish.

Fashionable Faucets

Just think of how much time you spend at the sink, from rinsing fruits and vegetables to filling pots and washing hands and dishes. So why not update this kitchen focal point with a new functional and fashionable faucet? High-arc models with pullout spouts are the most ideal since they allow ample room to fill or clean large pots and pans. Models with multi-function sprays are helpful when washing delicate fruits.

Once you’ve found a model with these useful features, don’t forget about style. Designer finishes, such as stainless steel will give your kitchen a “professional” look. And, for a designer look that maintains the beauty and brilliance of the faucet’s finish in between cleanings, try Moen’s Renzo pullout kitchen faucet with spot resist stainless finish. This unique finish does just what it says—resists fingerprints and water spots.

Spa-tacular and Sensible Baths

According to research, today’s baths have evolved from a task-oriented room to a private spa. Luckily it’s simple to turn your bath into a private sanctuary. To start, update your current showerhead with a more luxurious and functional design. If you prefer a powerful, full-body spray, perhaps you’d like a rainshower showerhead. Or, if you like options, try a multi-function version that allows you to switch from a relaxing wide spray to an invigorating concentrated spray — or somewhere in the middle. You can find a variety of designs and finishes at your local home improvement store.

With these few home improvements you can start recouping your ‘live in value’ and make your current residence home sweet home. More information can be found online at


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