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Use old tires to give your garden new life

(NC)—Canadians love to have green in their garden, but adding green goes beyond flowers and trees—it can mean products that are stylish, long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to the Used Tires Program, operated by Ontario Tire Stewardship, old tires can help give your garden new life. Through the program, the old tires are collected, processed and then taken by manufacturers and turned into tire-derived products (TDPs).

One example of a TDP is rubber mulch made from 100 per cent recycled tires. This mulch won’t degrade like wood mulch. It is non-toxic, non-leaching and will last for at least 10 years.

Landscape mulch maintains soil temperature and keeps your garden from drying. It comes in brown and black for gardeners who like the classic look, but also red, green and blue for those who want something different.

Another TDP to consider is rubber paving stones. These individual recycled rubber pavers offer a cost effective alternative to concrete or asphalt. Even when wet, they provide a comfortable, elegant and durable non-slip surface. Installation is stress-free because the bricks are easy to handle, assemble quickly and can be cut with most household tools.

Rubber Mulch and rubber paving stones are just two examples of tire-derived products for your home. You can learn more online at www.GreenMyTires.ca.



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