With today’s rising energy costs, going green is no longer considered just a fad, which is why many people use solar power to lower their electricity bills. Solar panels have become more advanced over time, becoming efficient enough that companies can use them for more than just calculators. One Swiss company has even built a solar-powered catamaran that can sail around the world! Consumers usually have more modest goals in mind when shopping for solar-powered gadgets, however, which is why these ten products are just the thing to meet their needs:

1.    Quirky Ray USB charger
There are many kinds of solar-powered chargers, but this one is unique in that it uses a suction cup to attach the solar panel to glass surfaces such as airplane windows. This device is powerful enough to fully charge a cell phone or other small device.

2.    Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
With this wireless keyboard, you no longer have to worry about battery replacement since it can stay charged for three months even in complete darkness. The solar panels will use any level of light and the keyboard itself is slim and light enough for portable use.

3.    Solar Sphere Spark Lighter
Nothing irritates campers more than forgetting matches, but with this spark lighter they no longer have to worry. This stainless steel device is durable for the outdoors and pocket sized, making it ideal for all kinds of camping trips.

4.    Lumileaf LED desk lamp
This desk lamp not only looks gorgeous but also requires no clumsy cord due to its solar panel. The LED light is bright enough for all purposes, and the body is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

5.    T3 Transforming robot kit
Instead of those clacking steel balls, why not get this transforming robot to spice up your office desk? Once assembled, the robot can transform into both a tank and a scorpion, and the solar battery enables it to move.

6.    Solar Toothbrush
While this product is not yet available in stores, Dr. Kunio Komiyama has designed a toothbrush that uses solar power to eliminate bacteria and plaque from your mouth, no toothpaste required!

7.    Holiday Lights by Hammacher
Do you dread receiving your post holiday electric bill? Well now you can use solar power to make your home exterior festive with these beautiful multicolor LED holiday lights. They are powered by a solar panel stake and will last for nine hours when fully charged.

8.    SunnyBAG Business Pro Laptop Bag
Charge your cell phone with these handsome leather bags designed by Stefan Ponsold. The surface panels work for both sunny and overcast days and come with a variety of adapters to charge most portable gadgets.

9.    Smart Solar Roto Basket Hook
Gardening can sometimes become a chore for those who have a busy work schedule, so why not let this solar-powered basket hook rotate your plants for you? The hook spins based on the amount of sunlight during the day and can hold up to 27 pounds.

10.    The Glow Company Solar Coasters
Give your party some eco-friendly pizzazz with these beautiful drink coasters. Set these outside during the day and watch them light up your guests’ drinks at night. These gadgets morph into three different neon colors – pink, blue and green – and make the perfect gift for those who love to entertain.

Brandi Tolleson is an expert list-maker on all things electronic. She lives in the Los Angeles area as a prolific freelance writer.

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