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Building a Deck Questions

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Building a Deck Questions before creating additional living space by constructing a deck is a great Canadian tradition. Whether you are a DIYer or going to hire a pro, there are success drivers that will ensure your project comes in on time and on budget. Building a structure on your property that stands the test of time will depend on several factors.

Design Questions: What space is available? What features do you prefer?

We all have different goals and desires for our living spaces. What is good for one person is not for another and that’s perfectly fine. The surrounding properties usually dictate the scale of a deck and depending on the proximity to a neighbor’s property, elevation will need to be considered in order to achieve the level of privacy desired. The design is usually a matter of personal taste. Items to be considered when in the design phase include, but are not limited to: material, with or without railings (color/height/material), will benches be built in, sun exposure, future expansion, etc.

What underground utilities need to be considered?

When taking on any kind of construction project, it is imperative to consider all underground utilities for the sake of safety. Because of the growth patterns in most areas, there are different service delivery models. Over the passing of time, different procedures have been developed, and often times, the delivery of these services are unpredictable. This requires contact with your local underground utility location service. Usually one call will start the process for obtaining an underground utility report.

How will you use the deck?

Do you like to entertain and have parties? Is your deck going to be a place of rest and relaxation? What is the family make-up? Are there children to be considered? Coming to a clear vision of how the deck will be used and enjoyed will start the process off in the right direction. Envisioning your wants and needs will provide an appropriate canvas for your new deck.

What materials will you use?

Historically, decks in Canada have been built from pressure-treated spruce but over the past 20 years, composite materials have become more and more popular. Wooden decks can be constructed to provide an outstanding aesthetic, however, there are maintenance issues to be aware of. Factors such as weather damage, general wear and tear as well as potential insect issues are a few concerns. Choosing to go with a composite material eliminates all of the issues associated with wood. Both materials come with their pros and cons, however, composite material is significantly more expensive. It boils down to what is the best lifestyle choice for you.

Photo Source: Fence Pro

Who will build your deck?

The truth is, a lot of people could handle a huge DIY project like a deck, but we seriously recommend against it. In reality, if you do it yourself, it may cost less than hiring a pro, but any mistakes made during construction more than likely will cost double to fix by a professional down the road. The expense of a pro allows for peace of mind in that you know all codes and best practices have been followed.

There is a myriad of information required to have before constructing a deck. Not only is a DIY deck project regulation heavy, but the time it takes for the average citizen to gather this information makes hiring outside help all the more appealing. A professional deck building company will take care of buying and bringing in the materials, collecting or informing you of exactly what permits are needed and can do an excellent job in a reasonable time-frame. They can also design a great deck for you based on your wants and needs and have the expertise to do it right, the first time, on time!

While there are many issues to deal with in regards to building a new deck, they are not insurmountable.

For more advice or answers to your deck building questions, contact Fence Pro at www.fencepro.ca 905.922.4776

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