Tracey’s Story:

Tracey is a proud mother and grandma but her kitchen looks like something her own grandma might have cooked in! Her outdated space is dark and dingy with horribly outdated colours and brick “wallpaper”. The layout is cramped and small which makes hosting family dinners for her growing family very difficult.


We asked Tracey:

How does the kitchen affect your life and your family life?

We love to have our family over and we host family meals often but with 10 family members and another grandchild on the way, finding space to prepare and enjoy a meal together is difficult. I often end up in the kitchen preparing the meal while the rest of the family visits in the living room or dining room without me.

What would your dream kitchen look like?

My dream kitchen would be a larger space that opened into the dining room so that everyone could be together. It would have an island, new flooring and better lighting so that it is safer and more functional

How would a new kitchen affect your life and your family life?

A new kitchen would bring us closer as a family and it would allow me to be part of the fun, not just the cook. I especially want to be able to teach my grandchildren to cook but my current kitchen doesn’t have the space.


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  • My vote is for Tracey’s kitchen! I’ve been a guest at this home on numerous occasions, I’ve seen the chaos. If someone’s in the fridge no one can access the cupboards, and just the same if the oven door is open you can’t pass through to the dinning room without going around through the living too first. If anyone needs an update this home would benefit greatly!

  • WE vote for Tracey. We have been guests for many family dinners and it is not only cramped but not functional with just 4 people in the household little alone larger family events. You can’t do the dishes when the fridge is open, you can’t open the oven and get into the kitchen and if you have more than 2 people in the kitchen at the same time you find yourself participating in a version of “Which way should I go?” Tracey is an amazing baker, cook and domestic goddess that deserves workable space to teach the next generation that healthy living is possible at Grandma’s house.

  • Trust me when I say Tracey is in desperate need of a kitchen makeover. Her kitchen is so cramped and outdated. As a family member you want to help in the kitchen and with the clean up but there just isn’t enough room. And please… that colour and the wallpaper?!?!

  • I vote for tracey!! At Family gatherings it is very important to have everyone together.. Even the cook!!