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Transform your Bathroom on a Budget

Bathrooms suffer from general wear and tear even more than other rooms in the house. This can cause your bathroom to look tired, require repairs and even look old-fashioned. The process of complete bathroom renovation can be a costly affair, which is why small tips and ideas to give your bathroom a facelift can completely transform the bathroom with minimal expenditure.

Clean up your Act

Before making any drastic decisions to throw anything away, have a rigorous clean of the bathroom including flooring, walls, accessories, bathroom suite and furniture. Sometimes the bathroom can create the impression of wearing away due to grime and dirt that clings to susceptible places. Some harsh cleaning can revitalise your bathroom and unearth a new lease of life. Don’t generically clean, make sure you use specific cleaning products for each item and use some gumption!

Fixing Fixtures

If any tap fixtures are leaking or not working properly they can affect the functionality of your bathroom. If your tap fixtures are old-fashioned and beyond repair it’s worth sourcing some cheap bathroom taps to replace them. Not only are old taps unsightly, they could also be costing you money through utility bills if they’re leaking.

Out with the Old

It’s inevitable that remodelling your bathroom requires disposing of some of your older bathroom accessories and furnishings. Bathroom accessories which are beyond the realms of repair or cleaning should be thrown away as they ruin the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. However, don’t throw items away too hastily, as some superglue could fix some of your old favourites.

In with the New

When purchasing new accessories it can be tempting to opt for cheaper shops to avoid splurging cash. Before eagerly heading off to the pound store, research some quality websites and wait for the end of line discounts to appear. Sales always happen towards the end of each season and they can be the perfect opportunity to buy some quality accessories at affordable prices.

Colour Splash

For a quick transformation in the bathroom simply change your colour scheme. If all your furnishings and accessories are in good condition you could sell some on an auction site such as eBay. Painting the walls and woodwork can be cheap if you’re handy at DIY. Towels and bathmats also needn’t be thrown; certain dyes can transform the colour of your towels to avoid the expense of new ones.

Reviving your bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth. As long as regular maintenance and cleaning takes place you should be able to keep your bathroom a functional and attractive room of your house.


Written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Tapshop321 and Branded Bathrooms

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