Home Elevators – Jump onboard the new trend and install a sleek home elevator! There’s a new home-trend in town, and with style, ease of living, and home future-proofing as just some of the benefits, it’s not hard to see why so many are installing residential elevators in their home. The Duo Alta is the newest addition to the Stiltz Canada range offering flexibility, cutting-edge technology, good looks and an affordable price – in fact everything you could wish for in a home lift. Homeowners are opting to fit an elevator in their home for lots of reasons: to upgrade the home, to add appeal, and to make family life that bit easier. Clever Design The state-of-the-art design of the new Stiltz Duo Alta means it can be situated in most convenient locations in any age or build of the home, be that living room to bedroom, stairwell void, closet to closet, or, to let it take center-stage in the home, hall to landing. With its sleek and slender design, there‘s no need to keep the Duo Alta out of sight! The sophisticated capsule-shaped module is discreet and attractive and will fit with any style of home décor, be that ultra-contemporary minimalist, traditional family home, or artsy and sophisticated. There is even a wheelchair-friendly version of the lift. Cutting-Edge Technology Neat, and compact the Stiltz Duo Alta harnesses unique technology using a discreet wire rope hoist and built-in drive equipment which is all neatly concealed within the lift car roof space. That means there’s no noisy motor or unsightly cables to worry about. They are also very safe according to the Stiltz website. The Duo Alta uses a standard power outlet in your home. Should there be a power outage while you‘re using the lift, a battery back-up will gently return you to the lower floor until power is restored. To get from floor to floor the lift is operated using the intuitive in-car control panel or through standard remote controls from outside the lift. Easy Installation From a technical standpoint, through-floor home lifts like the Duo Alta are particularly impressive, as they require very little building work, only needing a simple opening made in the ceiling for the elevator to pass through. What’s more, it self-supports, without the need for a supporting wall or noisy machine room, which means it fits seamlessly within the home from the point of installation. Installation can take as little as one day and a home lift can travel between floors in under 30 seconds. Most are ultra-energy efficient, plugging straight into the wall, using no more electricity than a standard household appliance. Future-proof Home Elevators – Perhaps what’s best about installing a home elevator is that no matter what the reasons for doing so, homeowners can relax in the knowledge that they have both added value to their home as well as future-proofing their living space, should they one day have issues with movement limitation. For more great ideas, click here. For more unique items for your home, click shopCHT.com
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  • My mom wants to add an elevator to her home because her knees have gotten worse over the past few months. It’s good to know that the installation is actually somewhat easy from a technical standpoint. I think this could be a really smart investment for her home, so I’ll help her look for the right company.