Is there anything more satisfying than eating fresh veggies from a garden? Knowing where your food comes from is important in today’s world, and growing your own food is good for the earth. Getting started is easy, and with these simple tips you can be down in the soil in no time! From why you may need electric fence wire to starting early, find out what you can do to make your garden more successful.

 Find the perfect spot

 Pick a location that gets plenty of sun, with firm but easy-to-plant soil. Tilling the soil, which breaks up the soil and gets the land ready to plant, is a great start. Garden soil, available at any home improvement store, is an option if you have less-than-optimal soil.

 Protect your space with electric fence wire

 Imagine spending all weekend in the yard, working on your garden. For hours on end, you are getting in the dirt, weeding and planting to make your yard perfect.

 Then imagine waking up to find your plants are trampled and eaten, nibbled on by deer, raccoons and every other little critter.

 One way to avoid having your work ruined can be to install electric fence wire around your garden, which produces a small shock to the animals attempting to get into your garden. More psychological than physically harmful, the animals will be sure to stay away and your plants will go unscathed. They have an electric fence kit to make installation easy.

 Pick vegetables right for your climate

 Not all vegetables are created equal. While some vegetables are hearty and can withstand colder climates, others are more delicate and thrive in warmer weather. Do some research and plant vegetables that will grow in your area.

 Begin before the weather gets nice

 Some gardeners will begin growing starter plants inside their home during the winter, giving them a head start for when Mother Nature is ready to cooperate.

 Get tips from the locals

 When living in a residential area, there are plenty of other gardeners around that would be happy to answer your questions on what grows the best. Go to them for advice and reward them with the fruits of your labor later!

 Share the wealth

 If you find you are growing more than you can eat, give your excess vegetables to family and friends. They will appreciate it and it will give you great satisfaction knowing your hard work is benefitting not only yourself but others.

 Stick with it

 While it may take several weeks to see the fruits of your efforts, growing your own vegetables is a rewarding and delicious way to spend your time. It is important to be patient and not get frustrated if you don’t see perfect results the first time you begin growing vegetables. The next growing season is always just around the corner!

This post is written by guest blogger Mike Ishman who likes to blog about how to get the most out of your garden, including installing electric fence wire.

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