Is your kitchen in need of an update?  We asked readers to submit pictures of their ugly kitchens and we have selected 5 finalists. Now it’s your turn! Vote for the finalist that you think is the worst for a chance to win a prize package for your own kitchen! You can vote once per day and each vote counts as an additional entry into the final draw.

Prize Package Will Include:


Visit each contestant’s Story Page for more information and additional pictures!

  1. Jillian’s Vintage Nightmare
  2. Cindy’s 60’s Space Waster
  3. Donna’s Home Wrecker Kitchen
  4. Tracey’s Cramped, Outdated Kitchen
  5. Shantel’s Fixer-Upper Gone Wrong

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  • I am so glad to have found and enter this contest from canadian home trends magazine as our house was built in 1948 and the kitchen walls still have plaster on them and the kitchen cupboards are falling apart. BOY are we in NEED of a new kitchen…

  • My kitchen fan is broken its been few years now, the counter is old and coming off, the faucets and tabs are old and they are shifting. However, they are not ugly as I maintained and cleaned them regularly. They are in need of a good renovation/replacement. Being a single mom with a teenager boy who will go to university next year, I have set this project on the side as I need to save money for his education.

    The kitchen titles look dirty despite I clean them weekly. I guess its just a bad quality of product which was installed by the manufacturer 11 years ago.

    Looking forward for a newly renovated kitchen which I cannot afford for now.

    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Awesome contest!! Our kitchen is so dysfunctional!! Would be amazing to have a new kitchen!! 🙂

  • Sounds like a great contest, but how is someone who doesn’t live in Ontario supposed to cash in their gift certificates?

  • Cabinets are driving me crazy! My cat seems to like roaming around in them 🙁 Please help me, my sanity may depend on it. Just noticed in the picture that my dishes need done lol. HELP PLEASE

  • My century old farmhouse is in desperate need of this Reno. It has panelling on walls and ceiling, sloping floors, fan over stove is so old, I’m not sure it’s even electric, lol. Please help me, need cabinets, flooring, storage and life brought to my dark dungeon of a kitchen. My kids thank you in advance for bringing me back into the kitchen to cook, also have laundry area in kitchen as well.

  • My kitchen is in need of serious major renovations it is 35 years old .
    I would love the chance to win a new kitchen.


  • Hello Lori – great question!

    • The prizes from Krups and Moen will be shipped directly to the winner.
    • ErthCoverings has distributors all across Canada so the winner will be able to use their gift certificate at the nearest dealer in their area.
    • For Union Lighting, additional shipping costs may be incurred if the contestant is outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Union Lighting will cover the cost of the fixtures and shipping, up to a maximum of $500. Contestants will be responsible of any overages.
    • For Bloomsbury, additional shipping costs may be incurred if the contestant is outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

    The prize winner will have the option to forfeit any portion of the prize that they do not wish to use as well.

  • Our house was built in 1913, we just purchased it a few months ago. The kitchen is a disaster, plaster falling off the walls, cabinets have come off the walls, ripped wallpaper, no insulation, hacked wood trim. Love this contest !!!

  • My husband and I bought an old century old home that we love and were renovating.However my husband was injured and hence the kitchen never got fixed up.It is covered in wood paneling ,has poor light fixtures and faucets and the cupboards are from the dinosaur age.I would love to win this awesome and exciting contest.A big thanks to all the wonderful sponsors who helped Home Trends Magazine put this on and give me a chance!

  • What a great contest. Would love any bit of help to transform our old kitchen into a modern central room for our family. Thank you Canadian Home Trends Magazine for the contest and for allowing me to feel like a new kitchen is even a faint possibility for the next little while until the contest closes. Good luck to everyone entering!!

  • I need a complete renovation done on my kitchen. Not only is it more than 60 years old but I also need to make it wheelchair accessible because I’m in a wheelchair. These prizes would help so much.

  • This is such an exciting contest! I entered and have my fingers crossed! Also Im now a new fan to all these fantastic brands and sponsors! Thank you for sharing!

  • Have been trying to find a way to fund our kitchen reno for a while now. Our kitchen may not be so completely ugly but it has major issues

  • hiya all. my papa (grandfather) purchased this cabin in the 1930’s, there was even an outhouse still in backyard, so my papa put a “toilet” room in the kitchen. we wash our hands in the kitchen sink and we shower in the basement. we run off extension cords throughout the entire kitchen and the holes in the ceiling and walls r covered in tape and painted white. i owe $10,000 in property taxes & $8,000 in revenue taxes (government). my daughter, son-in-law and grandson live with me and we all work. pretty much all the $ we make go towards bills and food. paying off my government and property taxes $100 each every two weeks. cant afford to renovate the house which also includes the kitchen of course but we make do. we are a family, we are together and we are alive. we must be thankful for that. please please we are in great need of a renovation. thank you!

  • wow to acually have a sink with running water , and no splinters in my food from my home made plywood countertop, and doors on my cubords, that wood be sweet

  • Hello Cindy, We are hoping to launch the voting contest this week – we are just waiting to finalize one of the final spots.

  • I really have an ugly, outdated, small, cramped kitchen….I Love to cook, but often do not like cooking in my kitchen….This would be amazing.

  • We just bought our first home and while I’d love to be able to bring the kitchen out of it’s original 1970s look, we have other projects that are priorities…but this prize would definitely be handy. We do need to move the gas stove because it is not vented and we will look like a renovation until we get everything done, but maybe in time!

    Jillian’s kitchen looks really bad (sorry lol! no offense meant!). It not only looks outdated, but it doesn’t look like a healthy environment to live and cook in! Good luck Jillian!

  • I voted for #1, but think my kitchen is just as bad – original cupboards from 1966!! Would love to win some of the prizes.

  • The number one kitchen is in great need of updating. My kitchen was built in 78, dark brown lamenate veneer. Ugly! I’ve painted them numerous times of the years but really would like an overhaul of the whole kitchen. It would be a blessing to win anything at all to make my kitchen more up to date and trendy as well. It is functional but drab.

  • OMG, voted for #1. Still disguisted. . Wow, prize kitchen makeover is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me!

  • Je vote pour la cuisine numéro 1 Ma cuisine aurait aussi besoin de rénovations alors, je tente ma chance! Merci!

  • Nothing like hearing kitchen reno to get us home owners salivating. Count me in.

  • At least most of these kitchens have a dishwasher. That was a lot more than I could say. I lived in homes for over 20 years without a dishwasher (but my kitchens were more attractive than the ones pictured here).

  • Great post! A kitchen makeover would be fantastic!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity!! 🙂