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Decor Effects of LED Lighting

Decor effects of LED lighting remind me of the CFL years. We all bought it up to reduce our energy consumption and we assumed that there were regulations and standards on lighting to protect us. However, these only exist in areas like California, as is the case with CFL lamps. Years after we bought them all up and put them in our homes, we learned about the mercury exposure the lamps caused and how it made us look pale and sick due to the lack of color they were able to render.

Today’s popular lighting trend is LED lighting, marketed as long lasting and environmentally friendly. While these things are true what isn’t mentioned is the effects of blue light exposure. Not all blue light is bad. During the day and at the office, it helps boost our attention. However, at home, the effects of blue light can have a negative impact as blue light suppresses our melatonin levels, the hormone that regulates our sleep and circadian rhythm.

Protecting yourself from blue light, while still reaping the long lasting and low wattage benefits of LED lighting is possible. Choosing an LED with R9 technology gives you a true natural color of light and blocks out blue light in the process! As lighting experts with an understanding of CRI and R9, we work with our vendors on issues like reducing our plastic waste and carbon footprint in order to bring you lighting options that are both healthy AND good for the environment! – Michael & Mark Bonitatibus, Vaughan Electrical Supply Co.,

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  • Most LED fixtures and replacement lamps now list Kelvin Color Temperature in the packaging. Ranges Ive seen are warm 3800K to ArcticWhite 6600K.

    My house is usually in the 4400 to 4800K range. I agree cold blue is harsh and difficult to live with.