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  • I have always had colors affect my moods, I find a yellow to be soothing and calming, and a red to make my temper boil. Color allows me to feel and express who I am at any given moment.

  • For a long time I was one of those people who had beige walls and wore mostly black clothing. And then I realized, who was I kidding? I wanted to live a life filled with colour. I was attracted to strong, bold, big, beautiful colours – so why not live my life surrounded by them. I am typing this in my gorgeous turquoise office, the walls are covered in bold paintings in bright colours.

    The primary bedroom and the living room are accented in red and my kitchen is…purple!

    I feel so happy surrounded by all of this colour. It’s not for everybody, but I love my colourful life! I’m never going back to builders beige!

  • I am attracted to strong, bold, big, beautiful colors, my home is full of color,
    As years go by my taste changes and I long for something new, so I look at all the wonderful colors of paint and then decide what the room color will be. I hate builders beige and love color.
    I am so happy that I am surrounded by all of this color. It’s not for everybody, but I love my colorful life!!
    I’m never going back to builders beige!

  • I get inspiration from design magazines & home decorating shows. Then I go buy a small pot from the store to try out a small area to make sure it works with the light & furniture of the room before I commit to painting the entire wall a new colour!

  • I look around the www for inspiration and go from there. Lots of time and many paint chips later….

  • I tend to pick my colours based on how they make me feel. I go for cozy, relaxing colours.

  • I usually pick something I like, like a picture or a comforter and pull a colour from there. My house is full of colour!

  • I go through color preference phases….from bright yellow, purples, greens, mauves……it depends what colors appeal to me at the moment or ‘phase’ I am in, and I take into account the room lighting for the shade of my preferred color du jour! It was interesting that mauve is a healing color!

  • The colours I use are often inspired by what I’ve seen in magazines. I also look to nature for my ideas, always harmony there 😀

  • I usually pick just calm and comforting colors.. I like to choose colors that match my accent pillows and chair cushions

  • I pick my pain colours by looking at nature. I love to work with colour and am a big fan of yellows and browns as well as all the fall nature colours.

  • I followed both blogs so thank you! I NEED colour in my life and in my home. It is amazing what bright flowers or a beautiful paint colour can do to affect your mood! One of my favourite places is Morocco for their use of beautiful and vibrant colours to showcase their culture and spirit! I love picking colours for my home based on wonderful experiences I have had in my life or colours that make me feel a certain way!

  • I look for inspiration in magazines and online before I pick my paint colours.

  • I usually pick my paint colours from magazines, home decorating blogs, and help from a friend.

  • I pick my paint colours by bringing in my fav accessory to the store and trying to match that colour.

  • I just moved and the bedroom is a dark navy blue and I just have to change it. Simply the wrong colour for me. Also wallpaper on one wall – my realtor thought it was fun and I just thought it was all wrong. I need something bright and bold. I’m looking forward to reclaiming this space as my own!

  • I choose color based on what makes me happy, what makes me feel good and then choose something that will work with the décor I have in a room. If I am going an intense color I would do a feature wall or smaller area in that color I have an Egyptian red kitchen (most of my kitchen is cupboard and backsplash so the accent is fabulous, sage bedroom (so soothing) and my son has a gorgeous vibrant blue feature wall in his room. The thing with color is that it sets a mood and can allow you to be creative, and a girl can change her mind spend a weekend and change that mood with a new vibrant color. So I pick my colors with my heart!

  • When picking paint colours I narrow it down to three shades I really like which are usually very similar. I then buy a small tester and I paint on the wall and leave it for a few days to see which one I like. I like to see how the colour looks when the room is dark at night and bright during the day as I find it sometimes looks a whole lot different during different times of the day. I may like the colour shade at night but when the sun hits it I may not like the look of it.

  • I pick my paint colours from many sources, magazines , the web , and often handfuls of paint strips from the store! I like warm colours that make my home cozy , your haven after a busy day.

  • The type of room affects my colour choice. I definitely choose different colours for a bedroom than I do for a kitchen. I like a bedroom to have colour that feels restful while I like a kitchen to have colour that is alive and bright.

  • I choose my paint colors with my emotions at the moment and my children help me to choose too.

  • I have always loved blue-gray tones and am currently painting the interior of my home in those tones and will accesorize with various pops of colour. I did the outside of my home back in 1996 and did the trim a deeper shade and was so happy to see the ghastly original green gone! People in my neighborhood must hve liked the colours I chose as within a month and an area of 5 blocks there are now 6 more houses painted similarly! For me it was a feeling of bringing the Atlantic Ocean back to my life after returning to the prairies to live and it always makes me think of looking over the sand dunes and seeing the ocean for the first time.

  • I love colour in my home,but become quite indecisive about which colour! Taking pics of the rooms, then using a paint program to fill in the wall with various colours until I find the one that works the best! Love my yellow walls upstairs and the robin’s egg blue in the basement. 🙂

  • I look at what the trends are on Pintrest, and other websites. I take into account what colors I am working with that I can’t change,(furnishings, brickwork) and the light that the room gets. Then I go to the General Paint and select about 10 paint chips and lay them out in the room for a few days slowly eliminating the ones I don’t want until I am down to THE one.

  • I am all over the map when choosing colors. Over the years I have gone from bright bold reds and oranges to subtle grays and creams. It all depends on my mood and the style of my room…. But mostly my mood. 🙂
    Love the quality of your paints!!

  • I became aware of how important colour is while living in the far north. A friend gave me an Amarillus (sp?) for Christmas and it bloomed into two huge gorgeous red blooms. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Everything else was white and grey so the colour was literally a breath of fresh air. 🙂

  • I select a favorite colour drawn from artwork, a rug, dishes and an accessory or furniture piece as a main color or accent.

  • I haven’t been able to afford to repaint my Victorian apartment since I moved in 3 years ago. I desperately want to paint it the traditional colours for the time period.

  • It will bepend on the mood I am in. What is currently inspiring me or if I have just seen a accent piece of furniture or art.

  • I often end up with calming blues or a cheerful yellow. The colours that I feel good wearing seem to be the colours I also choose for paint

  • The hazy, watercolour blue of a summer day spent lakeside is a calm, serene colour to me. Maybe with some “sand” accents!

  • I chose my colours from paintings; my kitchen is blue and the art work is water themes.

  • I like brighter colours, so when I select a colour I try to pick complementary colours but usually go one step brighter than my original selection.

  • I am pulling a couple colors from a picture that im turning into a canvas photo 🙂

  • When I choose a colour, it must be warm and have a calming effect. Hopefully at our new house we can find a nice combination between the grey hues and some vibrant colours to produce that effect!

  • I generally go with cool calming colours, I will choose depending on the style of the roomfurniture.

    (I subscribed to both blogs)

  • I pick my colours I want something calming and zen like. Something that goes with our furniture and art!