General Paint Colours: Beget, Mariposa, Mistaya, Turpentine and Unbridled



Why do we talk and sing about walking in a winter wonderland if we don’t really like winter? Those songs and the phrase ‘winter wonderland’ were no doubt coined by an optimist who saw past the cold and inconveniences to the possibilities and pleasures. I am one of those people. When else do I have the perfect excuse to hunker down in front of a glowing fire and spend an afternoon reading or catching up with friends? When else does an exercise routine include putting another log on the fire or topping up my hot rum toddy?

Everyone else I know is digging through the garage and pulling out skis and boards and heading to the hills. Good for them. I love to trudge around and take photos of unexpected colours peeking out from a winter white background. I love my boots and my scarves and my gloves. I dress for winter and I dress my home for winter too. That’s what decorating is, dressing your space. So winter gives me the chance to change up my surroundings for a few long months. I’m always inspired by the seasons, including the surprising beauty of what is winter.

We talk about winter. As recurring as winter itself is conversation about winter; some hate it, some love it, but very few have no opinion. Whatever your inclination, you may as well embrace it because winter’s not going anywhere until it’s good and ready to step aside for spring. Don’t let winter leave you wondering what to do with it; let winter fill you with wonder and awe. Be inspired by the colours of winter. It’s not just white.

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General Paint Colours: Dark Shadows, Icefield, Marathon, Portage, Stoney Plain


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General Paint Colours: Deer Feather, Forgetmenot, Proxy, Sibbald, Silken

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