Q: Are home improvements worth it? WHAT RENOVATIONS WILL ADD VALUE TO MY HOME?

A: KITCHENS We have all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home but it’s also a renovation well worth the investment. Buyers who love to cook will pay a premium dollar for a well planned and quality kitchen. I would suggest choosing finishes that are good quality. Spending more for quality countertops, custom cabinetry and appliances pays off when selling your home.

BATHROOMS Like kitchens, buyers appreciate a clean and fresh bathroom. Bathrooms, can be a major deterrent for buyers as they can be disruptive renovations to live through. Spending money to include tile finishes, heated floors and conveniences like deep tubs are all items that will add to resale value.

FLOORING There are many great products on the market today such as vinyl plank, high end laminate and tons of tile to choose from. One important factor when selecting flooring for your home is quality. Do not include too many types of flooring throughout your home. Keeping your flooring types to a minimal will also add value to a buyer.

COHESION This is one renovation that can actually hurt your resale value. A buyer looking in a mid century neighborhood generally is looking to purchase there because they prefer that particular style of home. When choosing kitchen, bathroom, flooring or color choices I would highly recommend staying to the original design of the home. Updating a mid century home to be cottage style, for one example, isn’t the best way to capture top dollar for your home. Most buyers looking for a mid century home prefer the clean, modern lines of the original construction. When homeowners create a cohesive renovation that is true to the design of the home, I find that buyers appreciate the renovation that much more and are also generally willing to pay a premium for it. – Marcia Bergen, www.marciabergen.com

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  • By the same token, if the architecture of a home is a classic, center hall, Georgian Colonial buyers expect the interior to reflect that style, i.e. formal, designated rooms/spaces – each with it’s own purpose. Don’t make the mistake of creating an Open Floor Plan in such a home. The interior design will then be in conflict with the classic architecture…and, besides, when your entertaining guests in your dining room who wants to see a pile of pots, pans and dirty dishes in the kitchen?…?