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Party Brunch Board Ideas

Party Brunch Board Ideas. Want a fun take on everyone’s favorite meal? You should make a brunch board!

You’ve probably seen this trend take over your feed on Instagram but wondered if you can pull it off?

Creating a party brunch board is much easier than it looks! Simply choose a theme, a large board and start building. Remember, the more the merrier and to group like items together to create a sense of intention.

Breakfast Bagel Board

Nothing says classic brunch like fresh bagels! Grab a variety from your local bakery and offer toppings like flavored cream cheese, smoked salmon, bacon, peanut butter and Nutella. Have some sliced boiled eggs and cheese for a sandwich option!

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Meat Lovers With A Bit Of Sweetness

You should make a brunch board for all your meat lovers! Sausages, bacon, ham, pepperoni, Genoa salami and whatever other favorites you love. Don’t forget some toasted french bread slices, jams and fresh berries and roasted tomatoes.

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Pancakes With All The Toppings

No brunch is complete without pancakes! Make 2 bite pancakes and let the imagination go wild with your toppings. Caramel sauce, chocolate, whipped cream, real maple syrup and lots of fresh fruit. Don’t forget the sprinkles and chocolate chips!

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Waffle Board

For a fun spin on the pancake board, go for waffles! Offer with a variety of meats, boiled eggs, berries and lots of toppings like chocolate, cream cheese, savory aioli and old fashioned maple syrup.

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Sugar Crush Brunch Board

You should make a brunch board for that super sweet person in your life! We all have that person (and maybe its you!) who loves everything sweet; why not indulge with a doughnut and croissant board? Glazed doughnuts, lots of fresh fruit, buttered and cheese croissants and some fun cheeses like a smoked Gouda or maple cheddar will be a hit! *Fun tip* Have some chocolate and caramel sauces and make your own dipped doughnuts!

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Love the sweet things in life? You’ll love these Nutella Muffins!

Avocado Toast Board

Avocado Party Brunch Board Idea may be the newcomer to the brunch game but it definitely doesn’t sit quietly in the background! Have some lovely multigrain toasts, fresh mashed and sliced avocado and a variety of sweet and savory toppings. *Hot tip* have some ricotta or feta (or both!) as a nice addition to the board.

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