Design Board Challenge: Vote for a Chance to Win!


twolooksThe Challenge: Each designer was asked to create a dining room design board inspired by the Artcraft Lighting Danbury chandelier from Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre.

Marc Atiyolil’s Look: An eclectic mix of modern, vintage, industrial, urban and luxe styles. Learn more about the pieces in Marc’s design board here.

Maria Killam’s Look: Modern yet rustic with a fresh, organic feel. Learn more about the pieces in Maria’s design board here.

Which look do you prefer? Let us know below and you could win the Artcraft Lighting Danbury chandelier from Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre for yourself!

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65 thoughts on “Design Board Challenge: Vote for a Chance to Win!

  1. I think the rustic modern one is more my style but they are both lovely!

  2. I prefer the simplicity of Marc’s design better-I think it is the wall that catches my eye best-I love texture and Barnboard designs.

  3. I prefer Maria Killam’s look but I would do something different entirely. I would bring in natural elements that are living or were living.

  4. I like Marc Atiyolil’s Look: It has a warmer atmosphere to it. more inviting and could feel like home.

  5. I prefer Maria Killam’s look. It is closer to my style. It has a more open look to it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I the Maria Killam’s Look the best, both are nice but this one is a little lighter and more airy

  7. This would suit our house perfectly! (We need to replace an ugly ceiling fan!)

  8. j,aime ce style de luminaire avec un style un peu serais beau dans ma cuisine , un peu de changement

  9. Love Maria Killam’s ‘rustic’ look – gorgeous!

  10. I love look of Marc Atiyolil’s Eclectic Mix! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. there are aspects of both I love so I can’t pick either. I will tell you that Danbury Chandelier is absolutely to die for. Love the Edison lights!

  12. I like Marc Atiyolil’s look the best. It looks fresh and the furniture looks so comfortable.

  13. I prefer the eclectic mix, less going on, easier on the eye.

  14. I vote for Marc Atiyolil’s Eclectic Look…. that is definitely my style. Love it!

  15. Marc Atiyolil’s eclectic room I love the wall and the chairs

  16. i prefer maria,s modern yet rustic , so beautiful and yet so comfortable a place to relax and enjoy company in style

  17. I’m digging the eclectic mix feel due to it’s simplicity!

  18. Like Marc Atiyolil’s look the best. It looks inviting, and comfortable

  19. Il est magnifique !! Il serait parfait dans ma salle à manger.

  20. I prefer Marc’s design but they are both lovely. hope to win.

  21. Love the eclectic look by Marc Atiyolil. My husband and I just visited Robinson lighting in Winnipeg yesterday looking for a dining room fixture. This style definitely caught our eye and is exactly what we are looking for! It would look amazing in our home!

  22. j’aime beaucoup le style rustic moderne.
    j’aimerais énormément gagner sa fait des année que je veux changer le lustre dans ma salle a mangé mais soit il est trop cher soit je n’aime pas le modèle.

  23. I really love this lighting fixture! I am loving the Rustic design!

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