, For the Love of Pasta

Canadians embrace food – we value family traditions, global trends, and local ingredients.  Like our food, families across Canada are evolving.  Blended, single-parent and multi-ethnic families have become part of our modern mosaic which echoes our growing tastes and preferences.  But what has stayed the same is our love of pasta.

Almost nine in 10 households have pasta in their cupboard. What’s more, it’s a good, simple food in an industry striving to meet the demands of today’s health-minded families.  Catelli, fascinated with how much we love pasta, talked to Canadians and uncovered that pasta basically makes us feel good. Three quarters of Canadians feel relaxed because it’s easy meal making or like that it offers so many options.  And we all know how affordable pasta is – it’s really the most delicious meal we can make for the price.

Yet, what makes pasta so special is that it’s different for every family.  It’s comfort food, an easy meal time win, or a delicious entertaining option. Here are some tips from Chef Michael Allemeier for making a crowd pleasing pasta meal:

  • Fresh is best: Experiment with a variety of vegetables – from rapini to butternut squash. There are so many simple flavour combinations that include fresh vegetables that are easy to pick up at your local grocer or farmer’s market.
  • Simply elevate: It’s easy to take your pasta dish to the next level with the right combo of ingredients. You can make a delicious spaghetti Alfredo with just whipping cream, peas, and a touch of salt and nutmeg.
  • Healthy tastes better: Almost half of us say pasta is a healthy meal option based on its simple ingredients and the fact that it can be further paired with ‘good for me’ ingredients like kale or spinach. Take it one step further by choosing pasta with a very high source of fibre or 100 per cent whole grain.
, For the Love of Pasta

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, For the Love of Pasta

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