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Impress Unexpected Guests with These Clever Cleaning Tips

87994HIf the thought of unexpected guests leaves you wanting to bolt the front entranceway, you’re not alone. Fortunately, with a little preparation, you’ll never have reason to fear the friendly pop-in again. So throw down the welcome mat and try these clever cleaning tips to create a more inviting space and positive first impression in a pinch.

  1. Create a functional foyer. Your foyer is what your guests see first, so take the necessary steps to ensure that this is a self-cleaning space. Clear closets of unworn jackets and footwear, and only use furniture or accessories that can pull double duty, such as: console tables with drawers, storage benches, closet organizers, cubby bins and shoe racks. They’ll look great, but also serve to hide the “stuff” that creates chaos.
  2. Identify ground zero. Stand at your front entrance way and note what’s in view from a guest’s perspective. By doing this, you can prioritize which areas of your living space should be tackled first. Clear these zones of clutter using designated bins, decorative boxes or a storage ottoman to quickly disguise any disarray.
  3. Arm yourself for success. Keep cleaning tools in a central location such as the foyer for easy clean-up, and try to tackle messes as they happen. Small handheld vacuums that recharge, like Dirt Devil’s Flipout, are ideal for quickly removing dirt, dust, and debris. For an enviable shine on sealed hardwood floors or tile, consider buying a steam mop such as Hoover’s lightweight SteamScrub 2-in-1. A model like this, that heats up quickly and provides an option for detergent, will provide a better clean and leave a fresh scent. Finally, stock up on wipes—they make cleaning glass, surfaces, door knobs, plastic and more, easier and at lightning-fast speed.

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