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Terracotta tiles 

Previously used as border tiles, terracotta will steal the spotlight away from currently popular white tile. Terracotta has a warm, almost rustic look to it, and the brighter undertones prominent in this retro material, lends warmth to any space, especially in the cool winter months.


Oblong shapes and casual layout

Gone are the days where we create rigid lines and right angles in our communal spaces; in 2017 we’ll see a shift towards designer spaces that are less truncated and contrived, and are instead heavy with mismatched shapes, which create comfortingly irregular traffic flow.



According to Pantone, forest shades of green will dominate the home décor realm in 2017, with a hue called Greenery named as the color of the year. They also mentioned hues such as Kale, Grape Kiss and Acid Lime in their colors of the year elections; all the more reason to ditch your tired, beige sofa. 

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As aforementioned, we’ll be feeling the warmth in 2017, putting lesser emphasis on hard surfaces such as marble and stone, and inviting the pliable and texture-rich material that is cork for furniture and accents. 


Nomadic tendencies

If you’ve watched the show, Tiny House Nation, you’ll know that many people are gravitating towards simplicity and minimalism when it comes to where and how they choose to live. Freestanding homes, made of lightweight, sustainable materials, has lead to a significant change in the overall functionality of interior décor, and we are seeing a shift, (not just in “tiny homes”), towards modular and multifunctional design. 


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  • I’ve been seeing this green trend all over the internet recently and I’m loving it! I think that it can really make a space pop. I the furnishing site to furnish my living room and they recommended it!

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