Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, 8 Creative Solutions for Shared Bedrooms

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, 8 Creative Solutions for Shared Bedrooms

Sharing a bedroom can be good and bad. Sharing allows your kids to spend quality time with one another, learn important lessons about boundaries and learn respect. On the other hand, it can be hard for a child to grow into his/her own identity as an individual, when they don’t have a space to call their own. Here are some tips to combat that, and give both children a sense of ownership in a shared bedroom.


Cut the closet in half

In a shared room especially, it’s important for each child to have space that is entirely their’s. Divide your closet straight down the middle and preempt any squabbles over whose clothes, shoes and messes are whose.


Divide the space with a storage unit

A hollow shelving unit can also serve as a room divider. Plus, more storage is never a bad thing!


Tie the room together with a fort

A fort in the middle of the room can make for perfect neutral territory for your kids. The fort can be a place where they can hang out if they need private time away from their sibling, or a place where the kids hang out and play together.


Divide the room vertically

If you’re pressed for space, a bunk or loft bed is a great way to give each child their own space, while conserving valuable floor space.


Let each child pick their paint

Again, personal identity is important, so let your kids have a say in the wall colour. You may not be crazy about the idea of having a room painted two different colours, so consider wallpapering instead.


Install a curtain or screens

Screens and curtains are a good way to divide up the room in a non permanent way. If you have the budget, and a spacious room to work with, perhaps install a semi wall or a collapsible pocket door to give your children a little bit of privacy.


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