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5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen a Show Stopper

Like clothing in a storefront, your kitchen should be designed to catch the attention of potential buyers. In addition to being the most used room in the house, by the most amount of family members, the kitchen is also a popular place for guests to visit and sometimes convene.  Anybody with any knowledge of real estate will tell you: how you design your kitchen can and will directly affect your home’s overall value – all the more reason your kitchen should be nothing shy of a show stopper. In that spirit, we’ve teamed up with Yellow Green Construction Group  to find out exactly what a show stopping kitchen should have. 

Consider Your Cabinetry

Under mount cabinet lighting helps to brighen up this kitchen, making it feel larger and more roomy. The copper tile backsplash features listello accents to match the oil rubbed bronze hardware. – Yellow Green Construction Group

When designing your cabinetry, you not only want to make your choices based on aesthetics, but also with your own ease-of-use in mind. Contemplate those extra features such as spring-loaded cabinet doors and under-mount cabinet lighting.

Consider Your Island

This open concept kitchen features an illuminated glass display incorporated into the island facing the formal dining space. – Yellow Green Construction Group

Your kitchen island can serve a myriad of functions, if you design it so. Think about giving your island an extra sink, which can be helpful if you like to entertain and tend to end up cooking in large quantities, or opt for an illuminated glass display feature, to lend it the elegance of a fine dining establishment. 

Consider Your Finishes

Black glass and metal mosaic tiles with orange and red tiles create the perfect backsplash for a pumpkin orange quartz countertop! – Yellow Green Construction Group

When it comes to finishes, the options for countertop, cabinetry, backsplash, and other fixtures, such as your faucets, are seemingly endless. To obtain a look of subtle luxury via your tiles, you may want to opt for high gloss and high contrast accents. On the other hand, warm metals are on-trend for kitchens this year; think: copper-toned tile, oil rub bronze fixtures, and pumpkin orange quartz for your countertop.

Consider Your Appliances

A professional chef gas stove becomes the focal point in this stunning kitchen which also features the owner’s own China inserted into the backsplash and a custom Brazilian marble for island and behind the stove! – Yellow Green Construction Group

Appliances in contemporary kitchens tend to carry much more metaphorical clout than they have in former years. Professional-grade appliances are becoming increasingly common, and as a result, more financially accessible.

Consider Your Layout

A professional chef kitchen is laid out galley style so that guests can sit at the countertop while the host is cooking! – Yellow Green Construction Group

If your household has an affinity for entertaining, design your layout with guests in mind. Open concept, with lots of light, air, and traffic flow, tends to be better when dealing with varying amounts of guests, or galley-style, which is characterized by two parallel countertops, ideal for (aspiring) chef-types. 

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